Amanogawa ke no 4 shimai

Amanogawa ke no 4 shimai : Prologue

I bring you another new series ( quite new yeah ) from Comico!


Amanogawa ke no 4 shimai: Prologue


This is the story of the daily lives of the 4 sisters in the Amanogawa family


Eldest Daughter


Second Daughter



Third Daughter



Youngest Daughter



The usual day to day activities


“Bye bye~~”










“Thanks for the food”


This is the story of the 4 sisters

Hatoko's Cafe Translations

Hatoko’s Cafe ch 3~

Link to the webcomic below:


Ch3 : Pretty boy and delinquent girl (1) 


SFX: juu juu ( sizzling )


Hana: Oh yeah, mom I started a part time job. I might be late home


Mom: Oh my- is that so?


Mom: What kind of part time job?


SFX: piku ( Erk )


Hana: I’ll be working in a cafe! A normal cafe!


Mom: I see?


Mom: Do your best Hana-chan


SFX: smile


Hana: Mom… I’m sorry


Hana: I’ll be working in a cosplay cafe


Hana: …Yeah I will


Hato Cafe

Chapter 3


Hana: By chance, I end up working as a part timer in a shop my friend is going to run


Hana: Ah…


SFX: tada~


Hana: So she really named it Hato Cafe…


Hana: I still can’t help thinking something bad is going to happen


Hatoko: Hana-chan


Hatoko: Good morning


Hana: Good morning, you’re early today


Hatoko: Yes!


Hatoko: I was thinking of making flyers for recruiting staffs!


Hatoko: Hana-chan let’s draw together~


Hana: Sure~


Hatoko: With this we’ll sure to…


SFX: slips


Hatoko: Kya!


???: Whew


SFX: posu ( holds )


Hatoko: Eh


???: Are you all right?


???: Be careful ya


Hatoko: A pretty boy…!


Hatoko: Yes!


Hatoko: Thank you so mu-


Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aisu-kuuuuuun~~~


Hatoko: much…


Aisu: Um…


???: Good morning Aisu-kun <3


???: Are you ok to be in school again?


???: Shall we have lunch together?


Hatoko: ?!


SFX: kya kya~


Hana: Popular as ever


Hatoko: Hana-chan, do you know that person?


Hana: Eh? He’s our class-mate


Hana: Aisu Makoto-kun


Hana: He’s pretty and also kind. He’s liked by lots of people as you can see


Hana: But he has a weak constitution, which is why he doesn’t come to school often


Hana: There’s a rumour that he’s not only popular with the girls


Hatoko: Oh my?


Hana: And also, that is


???: Hey! You guys are awfully noisy so early in the morning


Hana: Soyogi Mirei


Mirei: Don’t flock at someone who has a weak body will you


Aisu: Mirei-chan


SFX: gyaaaaa


SFX: dadadadada ( footsteps )


Aisu: You shouldn’t do that, they were just worried about me


Hana: Mirei has a bad mouth but // her childhood friend Aisu-kun has always been kind to her


Aisu: You didn’t need to scare them away like that


Hatoko: You’re well-informed Hana-chan…


Hatoko: Are you a fan?


Hana: No


Hana: Those two were close to each other since elementary school


Hatoko: Aisu-kun…Mirei-chan…


Hatoko: Those two… are splendid…!


Hatoko: Ahhhh

Hatoko: Just like a knight and his frail princess…!


Hana: Aren’t their genders…upside down?


Hana: Oh well, the role of a princess does suit Aisu-kun


SFX: wind blowing


Mirei: Makoto?


Aisu: It’s been awhile since I came to school…I’m happy


Aisu: I want to make lots of memories now that I’m back


[After School]


Flyer: Recruiting Staffs

         <3 : Hourly wages


Hatoko: Now that I’ve finished making the flyers, all I have to do now is distribute them…


SFX: doyaa~


Hana: Hatokoooooo // It’s time to go?


Hatoko: Ah, coming!


SFX: gata ( rattle )


Hatoko: Hurry~


Hatoko: Hurry~


SFX: gasa // gon


SFX: hira ( flutter )


SFX: kasa ( falls on the floor )


SFX: gara ( door sliding )


SFX: pon


Aisu: ?


SFX: gasa ( picks )


Aisu: Hato…Cafe…


Aisu: ???


Aisu: Ah…


Aisu: They’re currently looking for staffs there…


Aisu: But why’s the flyer in our classroom…?


To Be Continued


Hatoko's Cafe Translations

Hatoko’s Cafe ch 2~!

Hope you guys are enjoying it xD!

Link to the webcomic below:


Ch 2 : A young Mistress’ part time job Part 2






Don’t tell me, the cafe’s uniform is…”


“Ara, didn’t I mention it earlier?”


This! this is—-!”


“This place is a [ Cosplay Cafe ] ~”


“Co-cosplay cafe?”


“You know, the nurse uniform suits you Hana-chan”




“On second thought, the maid uniform would look nice too I bet”




“Wait a minute”


“A lady officer uniform is cute too!”


“I didn’t hear of this…”


“Say, Hana-chan, which do you prefer?”


“Hmm, where do you think you’re going?”




“Geez why do I have to wear this..”


Kyaaaaaa! Hana-chan you look very cute!!”


“Why is this happening to me…”


“As I thought, it really suits you!”


“My uniform is of an idol

“You know….”


“These cosplay costumes don’t suit the interior design at all…a normal waitress uniform would be better, no?”


“What are you saying Hana-chan?! In this age you either eat or be eaten”


“If it’s normal it won’t have an impact”


“She’s a predator alright…”


“What’s more!”


“If everyone’s happy that’ll be good enough for me…”


“The other day when I watched a special programme about cosplay cafes, I thought”


“The customers who get [to see] the waitresses are happy”


“The waitresses who get to [dress up cute] are also happy”


“If both the customers and the people who work there are happy”


“Isn’t that the most beautiful thing?”






I feel it wouldn’t be that bad after all


This girl here has a kind heart for the people out there.


“I see, it’s really like you Hatoko”


“It’s not like you’d listen to me if I tried to stop you”


“I’ll go along with your plan then”




“Hana-chan! Thank you so much~! <3”




“I’m very happy to be able to work with Hana-chan~<3”


“Let’s do our best!”


[ And with this I, Kotobuki Hana ]


[ have started working in the cafe that Hiyomori Hakoto opened ]


“Would you mind letting me go already!”




“I feel we need more part time staff”


“I second that”






“Look! There’s a newly opened shop”


“….Uh huh”


“A general shop? Is it a cafe?”


“It looks like it’s not yet open for business”


“I wonder if they’re looking for part timers”


“If you work part time you’ll bump into more weirdos again”


“Let’s go home Makoto”


“Un, ok”


To be continued






“What’s up Hana-chan?”


“I was just wondering what should we name the shop”


“Ehe, I’ve not made up my mind yet.”


“Hmmm, since it’s your cafe”


“How does [ Hatoko’s Cafe ] sound?”


“Aha, what a good idea. Alright, it’s decided!”




The End of Extra

Hatoko's Cafe Translations

Hatoko’s Cafe ch 1

Yay~ my first post. And here’s the translation (not a scanlation) to another webcomic from comico ( which brought you The Young Master and The Maid ) that I found, quite cute =3 Link to the webcomic below:

P.s. Sorry you gotto read while refering to the raws >.<

Title : A young Mistress’ part time job Part 1


I’ll be going now.


I’m Kotobuki Hana, 16 years old. Family consists of Dad, mom and 2 younger brothers.


It’s finally summer….


I’m just your average highschool girl you see everyday.


That car belongs to….


SFX Door opens


Hana chan~


The only thing that’s not your average me is that.


Good morning


Hana-chan ( insert heart )


My friend is a high class lady, oblivious to the world around her.


Hatoko…didn’t I say we’ll be walking to school today?


I was suppose to but…


On the way to school, I kinda got lost…


so I gave up….


She doesn’t have any sense of direction?


I’ll try my best tomorrow!


My classmate, Hiyomori Hatoko is


Someone who I can’t leave alone.


Ah the first bell rang, let’s head to class!




A very important friend.


Lunch Break.


Oh yeah, Hana-chan!


I was thinking of starting a part time job.




Part time job… but isn’t your family rich?


I’m already 16, i’d like to learn more about society.






Hakoto doing a part time job…


Just imagining it, uwaa….


W-won’t that be difficult? You’re always making mistakes. You’ll be fired instantly.


Don’t worry


I’ll just open my own shop!


That way I won’t be fired.




What does she mean by that?


After School


It’s just right around this corner.


The way of thinking is way off the scale of a normal person….




To actually open a shop is just…




What a cute cafe…!


Please come in


Has the shop started running?


No. Actually, i’m the only one who’s working here…


You know, um, if you’d like to…


Hana-chan won’t you work w-





Yay! i’ve always wanted to work in this kinda shop.


Working at Hatoko’s shop, I might get a good pay for it.


Uniform! what’s it look like?


A, ah, the uniform’s over here, wanna take a look?


SFX wanna see


I wonder which suits Hana-chan.


The nurse uniform might look cute.




So, Hana-chan


Which is pretty?


This is the shop’s U-ni-form.



To Be Continued.