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Hi, I’m SquigglesJP. I translate and edit mangas! Thanks for visiting me!

I’d like my readers to know a little about me:

I didn’t start learning Japanese till I was like what… 20? or so.

I’ve always like animenz and mangoes but there’s no place who give off Japanese classes around my town/area. But thanks to a japanese couple, I’ve been learning from them!

My japanese isn’t that good, but I’d like to know more =3

My dream(?), I’m too ambitious xD is to be able to release a scanlated chapter a day!

I hope my dream would come too one day XD!


p.s. you can contact me at : https://www.facebook.com/SquigglesJP/


or mail me at:  tellurworld@gmail.com



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is this the comment section here?? It’s hard to find 😀

Keep goin. Thx for all the nice chapters <3
Especially Ouji-sama-Nante-Iranai ♥‿♥

I wish you all a merry christmas and happy holidays


Will you list down all the mangad you have translated and if yes please separate the Yuri from the others. Thank you and may Yuri rule the world.

What about the next chapter of hantsu x trash. Please translate it as well. If you have to release other first,release them but please translate hantsu x trash. Is there any update in the coming week.

Umm ;-; I’ll get my ass working on it soon. But I will have to warn you, the editing this time will be done by me ( unless any kind souls out there volunteers ) and it’s going to be the usual piece of sh*t you see haters complaining about.

Plssss update quickly on ouji-sama nante iranai I REALLY LOVE THE STORY AND MAKE THEM KISS ALREADY (sorry for the capslock my emotion’s overdrive😆)

Hello Squiggles! I’m a big fan of your scans these past few days! Thank you for translating Hajimete no Gyaru and Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake (even though you already turned it over to /a/nonymous). I have a lot of fun reading these manga. But didn’t you also translated Okusama ga Seitokaichou recently? I was quite happy for its update (even though it jumped from chapter 39 to 41) since 3829 scan group didn’t updated this manga anymore. (they were inactive at some point then came back to life but then they broke my heart for not releasing a new chap T.T then suddenly they disappeared again *sigh*) Are you dropping it also or you don’t have enough time to translate it anymore? Thank you so much for your efforts and keep up the good work!

Gyaru is Justice (~˘▾˘)~ ❤

Hi Stranger. Yeah it’s been a couple of days. Tbh I sprained my right wrist and got lazy to scanlate lol. Thanks for reading them mangas xD I’m sure the authors would be happy ( p.s. please buy their tankoubons when it’s out/if you have enough money ) As for Oku-sama… mmm… I’m just stuck with insufficient time. Maybe the previous group is just busy? I’m not too sure. I don’t go searching for them xD

Hello Squiggles!
Your work is amazing and i would like to congratulate u for the great stuff you’ve released! Please do more yuri/shoujo ai manga because it seems that a lot of people like this stuff so i think you will have even more following and fans!
Keep up the good releases and happy holidays!

Your grammar is awful. How about you worry about fixing your broken English before actually translating anything.

What I mean BTW is pure yuri, 0 boy girl romance (I hate boy girl stuff and i hate false yuri where it starts yuri then leads to straight romance makes me wanna shank the mangaka)

For some reason I found the crush yuri had on erika the cutest! I wanna find more yuri like it!

So I have been wondering about the edit pages. The pages that mention translator, Editor and Raw. I was wondering about what the source of some of the images. It may seem weird but it drives me nuts not knowing where an image comes from. Like the manga, they come from. Some other translators put the source in the corner of the image. I was just wondering what they are if you know them.

I seem to remember you having a discord chat that you advertise in one of your translations but I can’t seem to find it are you still allowing people to join?

Hiya, don’t know if you check this out your email more, bit I sent you a mail. Also, thanks for the translations 🙂

Hello, Squiggs! If you want JP raws for Okusan chapters 98-100, I can help! If you want them, I’ll email them to you. Let me know!

I’ve been reading a lot of manga recently and keep seeing that you appear as the translator. Thanks for what you do, it really means a lot

Ohhhh! Thank you for taking your time to drop me a message! xD I’m glad that you’re enjoying mangas! I hope you continue to find more mangas that you like!

I really liked i’m a neet and my elder sister is perverted… Please continue it… And thanks a lot… I didn’t notice before but i read a lot of manga translated by you

Hi Squiggles,
I spoke to the team at Kirei Cake, they recommended I get in touch with you.
I just finished reading the incomplete Kono S o, Mi Yo! or Look at this S! It’s been dropped by a succession of groups. As it stands I found most of the raws for the incomplete chapters and I was convincing myself, to undertake to complete the story. Mind you, I can’t speak/read/write any japanese but I am pretty handy at photoshop. Can you get in contact with me please? I want to know what you might know about this story as it might help me piece together the missing raws to finish it. Thanks, Adam

On your recruiting page, you should put the names of the manga that don’t have editors so people can see if there’s a series they would like to work on.

Hi Squiggles! Firstly, hope you’re doing alright with the current virus situation in the world >< ! Secondly, just wanna say thank you SO SO MUCH for all the hard work you've been doing all this while. It sure takes a lot of effort and I'm really grateful for all the scanlations you've done! If you could spare some time, would it be possible for us to see an update of Ouji-sama nante iranai anytime soon? PLEASE DONT give UP because ill be heartbroken 🙁 HANG IN THERE.

Stay safe and healthy!

I wonder why are you’re getting so much hate, you give great translations to the community.

Hi Squiggles! I think your great! Love all the work you do it’s amazing. Hope you’re doing well in this age of rona going on

I just wanted to say I really appreciate your translations, I enjoy them a lot and I think you don’t get enough credit for the great work. I hope you can keep blessing us with great Hantsu x Trash translations

Hi Squiggs~
Just wanted to say that i really reallyyyy like your translations, thanks for the hardwork !
Hope that you can keep blessing us with more of Hantsu x Trash and Shounen chotto sabotteko♡

Stay saaaafe~

And also, are you a boy or a girl ? (・・?)

Hello SquigglesJP, thanks to your hard work i can read Ouji-sama nante iranai in english with happiness. Please continue your hard work✨

I was wondering what manhuas are used in the start and end credits of Chapter 12 of Hayama sensei to terano sensei

FUCK! Sorry my language but I hate when really good things end. FUCK! I’m sad now. Shounen has his future secured though. Got a banging lady and smarts too. I hope to see more of them.

Thanks for your translations I’m reading hantsu x trash and I can’t wait for the update is the manga monthly or weekly
And can you please translate futari ecchi or putting in it in your list later ?

thank you for translating Iwa kakeru!! are you intending to translate more? I really appreciate the work you’ve done already!

Hi it seems like a lot of people are only requesting you to do this and I’m also aware of the time difference and what not but I would just like to say please do things at your pace and when it fits your schedule i’m aware this sounds like I’m commanding you but your health is important I just recently just introduced to you through Ouji-sama yesterday when I first started i’m already on chapter 121.5 on lily manga so I’ve really enjoyed your translations I also find lots of humor in the little edits you and caek or whoever does the photo editing i want to thank you and everyone else that has helped with Ouji-sama I know it’s over but I wish you and everyone else the best of luck in whatever other manga you work on
Best of luck and take care

I’m not even sure how or why I bothered finding this website, but thanks for taking a stab at translating SHOUNEN, CHOTTO SABOTTEKO?

I would love for more “Sense” by Haruki’s chapters. I would love to know what happens more and more since I am intrigued and interested of the story and I love the teacher (male lead) and the student, actress (female lead). I would love that they can live peacefully, truthfully, and such.

I do hope you to be in good health and go at your own rate but I really do wish that Sense has the series completed or near where the raws are at. I really love and am intrigued by the manga, art, the story line, and also the characters. I would love the manga to be updated some more instead of stopping at chapter 48 (Haggling Part 4). Please and thank you.

Your Bousou Shojo releases are horrible. The last one is so fucking shitty that it’s ridiculous. You cannot be called a translator if you cannot into basic grammar.

Thank you for all of the scanlation and translation that you have been doing for the past couple of how long at this point, hope you can stay strong even if some unpleasant comment has been made. I’m just thankful that you even did some translating for us, thank you.

I’m sorry that I like to stay anonymous or how my grammar isn’t exactly excellence, but I hope I get my message across, and you accept my message well, thanks for your translation and all of your hard work Squiggly <3 loves you and stay out of the virus please.

I love your work on Hantsu x Trash! Thank you so much for your service, and we really appreciate your hard work 🙂

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