Hantsu X Trash Hime Koukan~ Otasaa No Hime Ga Kareshi Koukan Wo Goshomou Na Ken~ Hisokana Hana Emi Nanako San Teki Na Nichijou DASH !! Ningen Desuga Maou Totsugu Koto Ni Narimashita Ouji-sama nante iranai

Happy New Year 2020

Nanako-san Teki Na Nichijou Dash!! Vol. 2 Ch 25

Hantsu X Trash Vol. 15 Ch 160

Ouji Sama Nante Iranai Ch 137

Ouji Sama Nante Iranai Ch 138

Ningen Desuga Ch 39

Hime Koukan ~Otasaa no Hime ga Kareshi Koukan wo Goshomou na Ken~ Vol. 1 Ch 4

Hisokana Hana Emi Ch 0

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I heard manga rock shut down, if this is the right person (which I’m pretty sure it is ) you were working on it, yeah? I was wondering if you and the others are moving it somewhere else? If you are, please tell me, it was my favorite series ;-; thank you for your time!

If you’re interested in reading “we don’t need a prince” you’re always welcome to ( they’re moving hosts so it’ll be down for 72 hours. It started a day or 2 ago so it should be back in one more day ). I mainly upload to so I would be really happy if you would support them by reading it there! If it’s not too much trouble, you could also create an account, by doing so, you can keep tracks of your favourite manga and also which chapters that you’ve read. It’s pretty convenient for me~ xD

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