More situation updates!

TLDR: PC is back in action
Long story: for some reason, when I decided to boot up my pc which has been dormant for a week or two, it would power up for a few seconds then auto shut down immediately before anything shows up on the screen. So I handed it over to the repair shop and told them exactly what was going on. The next day I visited them and they said nothing seems to be wrong and it powered up normally. So I brought it back home and indeed it powered up like normal… Computers are really strange… or is it because I shouldn’t turn off and unplug from the power outlet on the wall? if you’ve any knowledge or experience with pc please let me know your opinions!

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Glad it’s back up and running. Plugging it out from the outlet shouldn’t affect anything. I’d assume it is more of an internal problem.

Yeah, it’s definitely due to internal causes. Powering the computer down and unplugging it from the wall should not impact it negatively. Without seeing the computer/setup, I am not able to give much of an opinions about the internals, but if something else happens, I’ll try to help!

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