Okusama Ha Joshikousei

Okusama Ha Joshikousei Vol.13 Ch 143 End

Okusama Ha Joshikousei Vol.13 Ch 143 End

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Want to thank Squiggles again for agreeing to pick up this commission. I’ve wanted to see this series completed for years, as it was one of the first titles I started reading when I got into manga. I’ve had a great experience working with Squiggles, and in fact I’ve already commissioned 2 other series that have been long-forgotten (and some chapters of each have already been completed), so look forward to more!

おめでとうございました! Congratulations on a job well done, Squiggles!

Thank you very much for this gift. I appreciate it greatly. The last chapter was an pleasant surprise — not just a sweet peaceful ending but thoughtful and even educational. Sensei didn’t let us down.

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