Okusama Ha Joshikousei

Okusama Ha Joshikousei

Vol. 12 Ch 122

Ch 123

Ch 124


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Man thanks so much for posting this okusama joshikousei last chapters before them make me wonder how things will go

Thank you very much for all your effort.

I love the Asami Onohara character. I think she’s the second most erotic character in softcore/ecchi manga, and the devotion she has for danna-sama and her role as wife is charming. Her husband is also interesting, though his naivety and weakness are overwhelming his good points.

Lately, I am also riding out those cliffhangers. In ch. 123 Asami crossed a line she had never crossed before, and in 124 she said that she kept doing it. She’s always had low defenses and lets others get way too close, but this is the first time someone other than her danna-sama gave her an orgasm. She might not have understood what was happening the first time, but she’s been having sex with someone else. As she keeps cheating with that girl, the likelihood that she’ll let some boy do her goes way up.

Is the sensei setting us up for some real netorari or will we be saved again?

We’ll definitely be save! again! I feel she’s just too pure, innocent, naive for her own good. That’s what it means to be a good person, however it’s hard to find someone that good like her these days. We’ll see what happens xD!

Indeed, it’s been fun to watch.

The writer is actually pretty good at setting up plot elements that can go multiple ways, and sometimes obscuring them. That boy, Amami, who pulled her to school could be an asset to Iwasaki sensei and ruin everything but he’s also a liability to her. If Asami knew what Iwasaki had been doing with him she wouldn’t have listened to her. The neighbor is likely to intervene in some way, though, considering how she did with her brat son and her recent involvement.

That neighbor had another role I had forgotten about. Early on she gave Asami her first same-sex kiss and, well — Asami kissed a girl and she liked it. Back then it helped her become more in touch with her body. I wonder if this new experience will also contribute to her relationship or if it’s just fan service..

I’ve been looking for the raw colors for these series everywhere but I’m not able to find a working link. I’ve found a post that has it but it’s been taken down. Do you know where I can find the raws that are in color for these series? Thanks.

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