Ouji-sama nante iranai


Ouji sama Nante Iranai Ch 102

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I’m waiting for the next chapter please give another heartbreaking chapter for the both of nobara and yukino sweet moments….
I’ve just read it yesterday and i’m so excited what will happen next that i didn’t realize it was the last chapter…
I really like nobara always worrying about yukino and being close to yukino’s face can you please make it direct hahaha i really wanted that to happen…

xD I wish I could make them kiss >.< ahh… but sadly I'm not in the same world as them :< I can't interfere with reality over there. But we can hope! We must never lose hope!

Yeah that’s what i’m talking about in my previous comment… It would be more exciting part of that shoujo ai…
Yeah you are really right that is the thing that ee aleays wanted to happen… If you please that would be very nice more of that scenes are the best…. More kissing scenes more exciting since those two are close enough… And don’t end the story please goooooooo😆😆 we want more

Please we are waiting for more kissing scenes, that would be for the best… I’m also hoping since i like this manga very much, i want it to be more exciting…まてくださいゆきのそしてのばら。。。おーねがい。。さいごまでわきすして。。 go for it 。

I agree, kissing scenes might be quite the best to make it more exciting hahaha that’s what i also want… Kissing scene lovers are coming out huh😂 More on kissing scenes are the best

I know some anime with more kissing scenes Like sakura trick hmmm…but i’m just hoping for it like what you said earlier…..that would be for the better for us… The excitement comes to me when it comes to kissing scenes hahaxD😂

Ahhh! I remember sakura trick xD that was so long ago. It was one of the so few yuri animes there were at that time, but beginning last year(?), we’ve been having constant yuri/shoujo ai animes! it made me so happy! xD

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