Hime No Dameshi I'm a neet and my elder sister is perverted Okusama Ha Joshikousei Okusan

Feb 10th~

I’m a NEET and my elder sister is Perverted Ch 11

Hime No Dameshi Ch 23

Okusama Ha Joshikousei Ch 114

Okusan Vol.14 Ch 91

3 replies on “Feb 10th~”

Is the okusama chapter DL broken for everyone, or just for me? I have been trying to download it for a week now, and it is always “retrying”…

Hmm… which chapter? Ah… mega has this type of “bug” for me where when I download something, it just Freezes halfway. To counter that, I Imported the file to my mega account, then right click and download it as zip. That helps for me. But I’ve yet to encounter your “retrying” but. It Might be the same as my “Freeze” bug though… you could give it a try but the thing is that you need to create an account.

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