Yume No Naka De Kimi Wo Sagashite

Yume No Naka De Kimi Wo Sagashite

Vol. 1 Ch 9

Ch 10

Ch 10.5


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I am not a discord person, I don’t know how to add people so I’ll write here. And feel free to add me: Tímea#8684
I like dark yuri, and I am interested in how they’ll explain this weird memory loss. Sadistic characters are nice too, and it’s fun how they twist the purehearted maidens. Mamori could do something about her to not give in to Chi-chan, but without fully understanding the circumstances it’s hard to say what exactly.

Ohhh xD I added you =3 and sure you can also message me here too xD

I’m also curious what’s going to happen but this is the 2nd time I’ve seen/read a dark yuri before so it’s kinda scary xD I don’t deal well with the “dark” side if you know what I mean. I just hope it doesn’t end with death, or bloody, cruelty you know… my heart might not take it xD

Hence, the delay of Hone No Nazuki made Aisu. I’m kinda scared to see what’s going to happen next XDDDDDD

I like dark/drama/angst yuri when they not use male character for source of trouble, cause that’s feel cheap/easy way out. By the way, can you change the “space” between character’s name & honorific with “-“? It’s feels off/distracting (same thing for ouji & shiori too). Thanks for this massive release anyway.

Im grateful to you for translating this manga, I m reading it recently and it is very good! You do a great job, I’m very happy that people like you make this effort to share, I love U XD

Hello, recently I found this manga and really loved it, yet I saw there have been no updates since the December last year. Is this because the second volume hasn’t been published yet or because you decided to no longer translate this manga? I’m just concerned because I really loved the story and want to keep reading it.

Hi there. Thank you for asking! As of current ( i just rechecked at amazon ) there’s no Vol.2

I’m also in the dark. I fear ( just an assumption ) that either
A. something happened to the author or
B. It was axed

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