Okusama Ha Joshikousei

Hohoho Christmas Eve~

Okusama Ha Joshikousei

Ch 91

Ch 92

Ch 93

Ch 94

Ch 95

Ch 96

Ch 97

Ch 98

Vol. 10 Ch 98.5

Ch 99

Ch 100

Ch 101

Ch 102

Ch 103

Ch 104

That was a lot of okusamas…

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can you please re-scanlate the colored version of the volume 5? e already have read the volume 5 scanlations on black and white but not in color.

Yeah it should be on kindle xD. How do I get bypas that sad panda? lol but yeah, i’m happy to give you the script xD ( good thing I haven’t deleted them yet ) xD

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If yes, then please first log in your account at

Then type the URL to replace the URL

The difference between Exhentai and E-hentai is exhentai has more hentai manga and doujinshi including more imouto, more yuri, more loli, etc.

, has only 14 galleries in my folder has 23 galleries in my folder

If you are still seeing the sadpanda, then please first delete all the cookies and browser history first, then log in your e-hentai account again. Then type the URL

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