Thank you everyone~!

I want to thank everyone who helped chip in to feed us. Thank you so much.

Here’re some of the messages you guys send me xD

Aa: Thanks for all your hard work, you translate a lot of my favorites~

DK: thanks for the scanlations bro, i had like a dollar in my paypal since forever so even if it’s just a little i hope it helps

BL: Take my energy! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

RM: Good luck on the computer. Have enjoyed Okusan. Thanks very much

Macu macu : Your Work is great! Good for everyone! For the humanity! Thanks!!!

JoJ CeeC : Thanks for the hard work. Keep your chin up.

Dupreeh : Thanks for your hard work!

Xun : Thx for your Work. Now get a new pc ffs!!! Enjoy your coffee.

Thank you Yumirix for reminding me of my birthday too xD

Update: Chapters are being translated and edited, expect releases on Sunday~


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