Recruiting editors~

Hmm… I’ve never openly recruited before xD but I think I should reach out to people who are willing and could help out so I could dish out more chapters/series for everyone to read

You don’t have to be an experienced editor xD newbies are welcome to join too. ( p.s. you need photoshop for me to teach you the basics [ I’m not pro though >.< ] )

But if you have other software like GIMP or something and you know how to navigate with it, sure by all means

Ah, an editor’s job is to CLEAN, TYPESET, and if you could REDRAW, that’d be nice too.

Here’re some of the series that already has a editor so if you’re looking forward to working on it, I’m really sorry that the position is filled >.<

  1. Okusama Ga Seitokaichou – Agent46
  2. Kanojo No Kagi Wo Akeru Houhou -Nightow scans
  3. Megami No Sprinter -Psycho Play scans
  4. Hantsu X Trash – Psycho Play scans
  5. Hime No Dameshi -MiyakoBestGirl scans
  6. Koisuru Yankee Girl -Gileu
  7. Ouji sama Nante Iranai -Yuru Ayano


If anyone’s interested or have any questions please leave it in the comments or you can find me at this discord channel @Demon Queen Squiggles

You can drop me a message on fb or mail me:



My back is killing me…

Did some hime no dameshi translations today~ PEACE OUT!

Okusama Ha Joshikousei

My waifu is a high school student~! Ch 77

Okusama Ha Joshikousei Ch 77

Hime No Dameshi Ouji-sama nante iranai

Have a great Sunday morning, afternoon or night wherever you are~

Hime No Dameshi Ch 18

Ouji sama Nante Iranai Ch 82

Just finished translating Okusama Ga Seitokaichou Ch 50… -passes the script to Agent for editing-



Late but~

Okusan Ch 77

I’m a NEET Ch 4

Okusama Ha Joshikousei

Okusama Ha Joshikousei Ch 76



Thank you everyone~!

I want to thank everyone who helped chip in to feed us. Thank you so much.

Here’re some of the messages you guys send me xD

Aa: Thanks for all your hard work, you translate a lot of my favorites~

DK: thanks for the scanlations bro, i had like a dollar in my paypal since forever so even if it’s just a little i hope it helps

BL: Take my energy! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

RM: Good luck on the computer. Have enjoyed Okusan. Thanks very much

Macu macu : Your Work is great! Good for everyone! For the humanity! Thanks!!!

JoJ CeeC : Thanks for the hard work. Keep your chin up.

Dupreeh : Thanks for your hard work!

Xun : Thx for your Work. Now get a new pc ffs!!! Enjoy your coffee.

Thank you Yumirix for reminding me of my birthday too xD

Update: Chapters are being translated and edited, expect releases on Sunday~




Please note if you’re in the vicinity of the storm

Link to the news

Ouji-sama nante iranai

Ouji Sama Nante Iranai Ch 81


Hakase No Kimagure Homunculus I'm a neet and my elder sister is perverted

More updates~

NSFW I’m a neet and my elder sister is perverted Ch 3

Hakase No Kimagure Homunkurusu Ch 30