Update on my PC

The problem is the power supply and graphic card. Both are toast ( is that why I smell some metal burning thing a few days before my pc broke down? but there weren’t any smoke and it went away after awhile so… )


Taking in everyone’s opinion in June when I asked for advice on pc, I was thinking of going for asus 1050 ti and a new power supply ( corsair cs750m ). However, I don’t have the cash right now so…

I’m in a huge dilemma if I should get a cheap power supply now and graphic card or wait till I get september’s paycheck and get the one I mentioned above?


( I’ve inquire about the other brands but if I want it I have to place an order for them to get it which will take a week or so )

Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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Cheap power supplies can kill every other part in your PC XD Wait and buy a proper one, if it isn’t at leat 80 bronze+, avoid it.
That corsair is good, but I don’t think you need 750 W. It’s hard to make use of even a 600W PSU. Servers and high end machines used for video editing can use more, but even a PC with the 1080ti runs below 600W.
My recommendation is a lower W (which is also cheaper) and wait until you can buy a better quality one. With a cheaper one you’ll just kill the whole thing again. For the video card, if you are fine with another 1050ti, go for it. If you want to upgrade, wait a few months for the new rtx series and buy a ryzen 5 2400g processor with integrated video card. It’s a vega 11, about the same performance as the gtx1030, but the processzor might be more useful down the line especially if your new card will burn down too XD

Ohhhh. so a 600W is good enough? Hmm… if so I could go for that and the 1050ti. Ryzen 5 2400g comes with the processor right? I mean I don’t need to change my processor yet so… decisions decisions xD

Thanks for the thoughts and recommendations! xD

Yeah, you can go with a simple power supply, specially if you don’t milk every W out of your PC like me. If anything I would advise at maybe getting a 700W one mostly because nothing beats being paranoid with PC components, as long as it fits budget.

For graphics, it really depends on Usage. If its for a more casual use, any integrated card is good enough, so upgrading CPU its actually a plus, on the flipside, if you actually put some stress on the video side of things, nothing beats external, and quite literally, make sure its properly cooled, that does the trick pretty much.

I say all this coming from building PCs on a budget for decades, milking EVERY DAY of a CPU/GPU its ingrained in me, lol.

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