Mayday mayday, squiggles in trouble

Pc kaboom! Ok it didn’t actually exploded, but it can’t be turn on. I’m guessing it’s the power supply, faulty windows, motherboard, or something else. I’m not sure. I’ve just dropped it off at the repair shop and it’ll take a week or more depending on how busy they are before my pc gets it turn for a checkup. I hope i don’t have to change parts or i’ll be in deep shat… i’ll update as soon as i can!

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Ah, well, I didn’t change anything yet, hence why it broke down now ( I think? ) But yeah, I’ll wait and see if any parts are broken, if so… then I’d like to wait awhile since I can’t afford the parts xD ( if it’s ram, then it’s fine, rams are pretty cheap I think? ) but if I have to change the graphic card… I’d like to go with the suggested 1050 ti. If motherboard… no idea xD If it’s the power supply, I think I can afford it xD

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