A yuri doujin in collaboration with Kikaluna

NSFW You are warned.

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Edit: please turn on your Hentai option ( I think you need to be registered? not sure )


5 replies on “A yuri doujin in collaboration with Kikaluna”

Yeah lol I even had to go into a separate menu just to make the hentai toggle available XD they should have just put the toggle in there, but no, enable the visibility, go into another menu and turn it on there. So annoying. Being able to upload really is the only way they save face in my eyes.

Ahaha, yeah, at first I was like KIKA WHERE IS THE TOGGLE YOU SAY THERE IS?! IT”S NOT ON MY SETTINGS! , so i had to dig deeper into the “more settings” and turn the toggle on. Really ORZ xD I hope you find this doujin to your liking xD

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