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I’ve translated Kanojo No Kagi Wo Akeru Houhou Ch 39~ it’s off to the editorial department headed by Nightow scans =3

Now, we wait. xD

Hmm, I’ve been thinking of getting a pet hamster, they’re small and easy(?) to take care of. I might be naive but they need water, seeds(?)/ food, a box and that roller thingy for them to run on xD Do I need… other things?

It’d be nice to have some company, I feel lonely staring at the screen translating XD


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I’ve had hamsters in the past. They are relatively easy. You’re correct in the basics they need. It’s fun to get them a nice cage with tubes and a running wheel. You can make the cage and tubes as minimal or elaborate as you and/or your budget want/can handle. You will need some kind of bedding to put on the bottom of the cage. It’s not terribly expensive. They will make a designated spot to pee usually, but their little turds are typically all over. You’ll want to clean out the bedding and put in fresh bedding about once a week. Hamsters will also use the bedding to burrow under like a nest and for warmth. I’ve seen wood shavings and paper bedding types. They make seed mixes for hamsters, too, that you might be able to buy in bulk for cheap (not sure where you’re located or what is available in your region). My first time buying seed in bulk freaked me out because a couple days after I got it I noticed little bugs moving around in the bag. Took it back to the store and was informed that little bug larvae/eggs can often be inside seeds and all you have to do is freeze the bag overnight when you first get it to kill any potential critters. And it does work–never had a problem after that once I started the freezing step. I also had a ball for them to zip around the house in, too. They love those things–the illusion of freedom. Get a friendly breed and handle it often so they are used to it. You don’t want them to bite. They also need something to chew on to keep their front teeth from getting too long. Those front teeth never stop growing–kinda like finger nails; so, hamsters will chew on things to keep them the right length. And you don’t want them to chew on just anything. Word of warning: make sure to pay close attention to the latches on the cage. Keep them secure. My hamsters all eventually figured out how to open the latches and escape. They are terribly difficult to find once they do and can damage carpet, furniture, floors, baseboards and walls much like mice do. The last one I had I finally found 3 days later in the dark depths of one of my closets. He had torn up the carpet and made a massive nest out of it. Lastly, hamsters have short life spans, about 2 years on average, if that is important to you. Like any pet, there are the things to watch for and the cons, but hamsters are a lot of fun. The last hamsters I had were those mini hamsters. They were 2 males who did everything together–EVERYTHING! I believe that perhaps they were gay. They even died together at the same time, side by side. The hamster before them I think died from being terrorized by our cats. So, I don’t think it is a good idea to have hamsters if you have any cats, which is why I don’t have hamsters anymore. Hope this helps in your decision, and I’m sorry for the book-length comment.

Oh, and thanks, by the way, for the update! 😉

xD ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks a lot for your knowledge xD it’s good to learn what they could potentially do -nods nods-

So if I buy a huge bag of seeds, I just need to freeze it once it keep them in the freezer?

Bedding hmm… that should be fairly cheap I think?

I don’t have cats but it’d be nice to own one xD however, I’m asthmatic so furry animals is not a good idea

Hamsters… should be fine xD

I thought of having fish, but I’m not good at taking care of them and I’d like to move their cage around from time to time instead of sticking it at one place like an aquarium xD

Thank you for ze advice~!

You’re welcome. No, you don’t have to keep the seed in the freezer. Freeze once overnight and then you can store it a room temperature. If you’re asthmatic, make sure you get bedding material that you aren’t allergic to or that might trigger symptoms, like bedding with a lot of “dust” or with heavy scents. Pine bedding might be too strong of a scent, for example, but some like that fresh smell.

Yeah, I had fish before, too, and hated cleaning the tank. I didn’t like that “fishy” smell or the slimy part of cleaning it–or the floating dead fish. They are good if you like to snuggle and cuddle either, which I do. Cats are great for that. Ya know, hairless cats are a great option if you have problems with the cat fur. Granted they aren’t as attractive as furry cats, but . . . . Anyway, it’s in the eye of the beholder. I know people who think hairless cats are adorable.

Anyway, best of luck with your adventure whichever pet you decide to choose! Let us know how things go. 😉

Ahhh, cleaning the tank hmm… I never had fish as pet before so I don’t know how suffering it is to clean the tank :X

It’s been so many decades now, I hope they have some auto cleaning machine for aquariums? xD

I didn’t know there’s hairless cats! ohoho xD just googled!

Yeah, I’ll stay away from scented beddings if they have xD

I think I’ll still go with the hamster xD I feel that’s the best choice for me since most of the time I only need to change the bedding and maybe once in a month take them out and clean the whole cage?

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