Gyaru Yuri

A sad Sunday…

Sorry but this week… I’m not able to release as many as I and you all were hoping for.

So… please bear with this week’s lame output of translations ;-;

Which also, marks the end of this series too…

Gyaru Yuri Ch 60

Gyaru Yuri Ch 61End

and I will see you guys… next week…

Though… you might see chapters popping out like Kisei Juui Suzune or Hantsu X Trash or Girls Ala Carte or Itsuka, Tanshoku no Sora no Shita coming out during the weekdays instead. ‘Cause they’re freshly baked bread and are release once the editing is complete, whereas, I do my editing on the weekends… uguuuuu I WANNA SLEEP ON THE WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA PLAY SOME GAMES!!!! I WANNA HAVE SOME YUMMY FOOD!!!! GIVE ME STEAK! CHIKKEN! SALMON! -wipes her drool-



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