#5 Blog

Mm… what day is it? ah… Wednesday…

Time passes so fast.

Disasters all over the world

Huge fire in Greece,

Scorching heat in Japan,

Flood in Japan

What else?!

War in the middle east!




Despite everything, I hope my translation will help a little(?) maybe…

40% progress for Koushin Koiinu Ni Koibumi Wo~

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Time flies when you are having fun 😀
Unfortunately my dreaded afternoon shift seemed to drag on for eternity, I’m sure glad I’m starting the night shift now XD
Koushin Koiinu Ni Koibumi Wo started out great, I will be waiting for you to finish it 😀 Hugs ~

I know how it feels like when you work and like me if I’m conscious of time I tend to like to look at the clock all the time despite being busy or not xD

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