Hakase No Kimagure Homunculus Hime No Dameshi Okusan Ouji-sama nante iranai

Sunday. Harvest day!

Okusan Ch 71

Hakase No Kimagure Homunculus Ch 26

Hime No Dameshi Ch 16

Ouji sama Nante Iranai Ch 78


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The amount of typos and other errors in the Okusan chapter and Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus chapter give me the impression that you’ve rushed them out.

For Okusan:

You wrote “Da san” (single “a” and no hyphen) instead of the usual “Daa-san” on page 5 TWICE and on page 7.

Page 5: “a Okusan” is grammatically wrong; you should be using “an” as the article.
Page 12: “I’m glad Okusan haven’t had dinner yet.” If it’s just one person, you should be using “hasn’t”.
Page 13: You wrote “Okita san” without a hyphen.

For Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus:

Page 2: “Rokobo” should be “Roboko”.
Page 3: “panic” should be “panicked”.
Page 7: The misspelled “fighto” looks out of place when it’s paired with the correctly spelled “nice”.
Page 8: “Ryuuchin and Kotatsu and also Torami is doing a superb job that it makes me jealous of your department.” It should be “are” rather than “is”, and also “such” should be put after “doing” to make the sentence natural.

Hey there mar! Been a rough few days here without much food and i’m feeling sluggish. Thank you for taking the time and effort to correct my mistakes! But i thought ”a okusan” would be fitting since in english it’s ”a wife” right? I like using weeb[?]words like how they use english words but written in japanese xD ahaha that’s just me

Squiggles, I would rather wait a month or two (or even several more, in a worst-case scenario!) for a chapter’s release if that’s what it takes to have you get the minimum acceptable amount of rest per day under such conditions. Please don’t push yourself like this ever again. Your personal health comes first, no matter what anyone else says.

That said, even if you’re borrowing a foreign word like “Okusan”, it should still follow the rules of English grammar as much as possible; the rule about which indefinite article to choose based on whether the initial letter sound is a consonant or a vowel is one of those rules that don’t change no matter what language the word originally came from.

Thank you for the concern mar xD I should take care of myself more >.< it's been awhile since my body felt so… lifeless. I wanna move but I couldn't, I could've but it feels like 90% of my body is telling me not to move and 10% of my mind told me to get up and work.

In a couple of chapters, I'll have reinforcements to correct my grammar a little xD

Will these reinforcements also work on fixing the recently published chapters?

… Why? I could’ve sworn that you redid a previous chapter within the past couple of months.

… You’re right. I confused you for someone else doing a different manga. That still leaves the “Why?” part of my previous comment, though.

Well, since I have GIMP (ironically for the sake of fixing another manga’s translation errors, which were fixed by someone else before I even got to start my work), I’ll try my hand at fixing those mistakes, considering they’re not too many. I just need the name of the font you typically use (no, I can’t tell what it is just by looking; I never had the curiosity to identify the names of the various fonts used in scanlations before).

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