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Mmm… my first ever blog… hmmm… do people still blog these days? xD Used to be popular I heard. But nowadays we have… twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc etc

Thought I should blog some before the weekend release xD

I might or might not continue this, but well, feel free to ask me questions concerning the series you’re reading!

For today… I’ve started up translating Black Lily to Shirayuki chan

p.s. I’m looking for someone to help me with the cleaning+typesetting of Black Lily ( you’re not required to have Lvl 99 Editing skill. )


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I like blogs. I like to read the posts of different people. Technically, aren’t those others you mention types of blogs, too? I like these kinds of blogs, too. Sometimes short and abbreviated tweets are what I have time for, but longer posts are more personable and social. If someone takes the time to write a blog post, and it’s someone I know, respect, follow, or want to interact with more, then I will certainly read it.

There are people on tumblr who still write personal stuff with a sea of anime reviews and other stuff 😀

I didn’t even notice you stopped with the TL of Black Lily lol, it’s a good manga though. Good luck with everything 🙂

I didn’t intentionally stop but I was behind for so long that my schedule went BBBBZAP BOOM!

I quite enjoy Black Lily though, I bet everyone must’ve forgotten about it kakaka

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