I need your opinions/knowledge regarding pc

I’m a total nub here so bear with me,

I’ve been using this pc for many years now, I’ve changed it’s ram a couple of times but that was it

Lately, it’s not been responding quite well as it used to so I fear it’s nearing it’s end.

Hence, I’ve been thinking of building a new pc ( without the hard disc since I don’t need another one when I’ve all my data stored on the current )

I’ve no idea what motherboard, graphic card, power supply, processor I should get and so on

I’m not a hardcore gamer but I’d like to play this   if possible xD  The specs looks… really high though…

Well, anyway, let’s make a few category for my budget,

What can I get with 200$ dollars, 300$ dollars and 400$ dollars?



I took this awhile back but yeah these are what I’m currently using, also,

the motherboard is a B75A-G43

I hope the info helps.



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Visit Newegg and start piecing together a computer. Sort by review score, then scroll down until you find a cheap part with a good score based on a large number of reviews. Start with the motherboard and make sure the processor, RAM, etc. are compatible with it.

Then visit Amazon to actually order the parts (Newegg seems easier to put the system together, but Amazon usually has the better prices or at least cheaper shipping).

Spend absolutely as much as you feel comfortable spending because it’s usually cheaper in the long run to spend more at the beginning than wait to upgrade later (particularly if they change chip or RAM specs- just because a computer part is obsolete doesn’t mean it will be cheaper a couple years from now).

Be careful that whatever case you’ve got now will fit the specs for the motherboard you choose (especially with a new video card and the placement of the hard drive bays). I’ve been an AMD man my entire computing life, but if your case is made for Intel boards, it may not work with an AMD board.

Also, pay close attention to your existing power supply so that it will be adequate for your new needs. Power supplies and hard drives are usually the first things to go in my experience. If you get a new power supply, make sure it has all the right plugs, especially the 4 or 8 pin power slot in addition to the usual power slot.

While you can probably find a decent, reasonably-priced motherboard, processor and RAM, the video card is what is going to hurt (and you don’t want to skimp on that).

Also, don’t forget if you’re keeping your old drive, you will probably still need to reinstall Windows on it and with a new motherboard and processor, it’s likely that Microsoft will treat it as a new computer and you will need a new license. There is also the possibility of data loss doing this so make sure it is backed up.

Good luck and thank you for your work!

Some of your advice is correct, but I would like to point out two errors:

“but if your case is made for Intel boards, it may not work with an AMD board.”

Correction: Intel and AMD boards both use the same ATX layout. There’s no such thing as a case that’s Intel or AMD specific. If your case was made in the last decade, and it was not a case designed to house proprietary computer parts (as in, your PC was a branded desktop made by vendors like ACER / HP / Dell whatever) chances are you can still re-use it.

“Spend absolutely as much as you feel comfortable spending because it’s usually cheaper in the long run to spend more at the beginning than wait to upgrade later”

This advice is correct at the ‘low end and budget’ side of things but please note there is a specific sweet spot for certain components and there is a certain point that you’re spending on things you never really need (e.g a unnecessarily high end motherboard when you don’t overclock, or buying a needlessly expensive processor when you cannot even afford a high end graphics card).

Computer components become obsolete over time as new CPU sockets types are introduced and it is actually more economical to just buy what you require for the short term, instead of overspending and anticipating what your future needs are in 3+ years time.


Anyway, my recommendation for a CPU would be a Ryzen 5 2400G, it has built in graphics which is fairly weak (only a bit faster than the GT1030). This costs $158 USD.
8 gigs of DDR4 3000mhz RAM is around $100, and a motherboard (ASUS Prime B350M-E or MSI B350M GAMING PRO) costs $74~77.

That works out to be $332 for three components — CPU, MB, RAM.
However, you will really, REALLY want an SSD as well as hard drives, no matter what RPM’s they run at, are very slow compared to solid state storage and a computer that runs on a HDD will still feel slow to use.

Grab a Crucial MX500 (500GB) for $109.

As for Windows, there are sites like SDCkey or Kinguin that sell W10 licenses for pretty cheap, but you can also use Windows 10 without ever activating it. The only thing you’ll have to put up with is the watermark that Windows puts on the screen permanently and you might also want to install a free antivirus as Windows Defender might not work in a non-activated Windows.

Thanks for the advice and recommendation! I did actually thought of something that will last me a couple of years but tech runs so fast that every couple of months(? not sure sure long they take to come out ) new model, etc etc pops out. SSD are expensive, but they’re only good at booting up the pc faster right? I don’t mind not activating it if it’s only a tiny watermark on the screen… does that mean i’ll still see the watermark even though I’ve fullscreen my say youtube video?

You can delete my comment now, after looking at what your current specifications are, it looks like you are not due for a processor upgrade yet. I had a 3rd generation Core i5-3570 and it was able to run many games at maximum with a GTX 1060 6GB/

GPU prices have dropped a little because the mining boom is ‘kind of’ over, and my recommendation is to get a GTX 1050 Ti or better, GTX 1060 6GB.

Also, in what way is your computer not running well? If your PC is infected with malware, its probably slow due to that and you might want to re-do a Windows install.

Of if your hard drive is failling and has bad sectors, that might cause issues with performance. Do some hdd diagnostics and see.

Also look to see if CPU/GPU is throttling due to heat, perhaps you need to start cleaning out the heatsinks.

Ohhhh… hmm… well for starter it’s getting slow/laggish when I try to open a programme or something it has a tiny lag or 2-3 seconds and there’s a “wrrrrrrr” sound then whatever programme or folder i open will open.

2nd is that, all of my folders “view” option is reverting to “details” no matter how many times I set it back to “list” type view. It happened before with my previous pc where I changed the motherboard, I upgraded the processor and also the graphic card.

I’m suspecting it’s the motherboard xD since it controls most of the stuff.

But yeah, as time goes by all of my folders view will turn to “details” and lastly when I try to open My Computer or any Folder, it’ll just hang there without actually opening no matter how long the time has passed

My thinking might be wrong but well since it’s been years that it has been running with me, I thought why not give it a full overhaul ( as in exchange most of the parts ). Feel free to share your thoughts and advice whether if my thought process is bad or it’d be better to do this or that.

Your budget wasn’t really made for that game imo XD But if you are just buying the key parts, maybe you can fit the minimum requirements in. I don’t know where you live, shipping from the US to the EU costs a fortune, but I’ll write the amazon prices:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor (6x 3.4GHZ/19MB L3 Cache) costs 190 USD
Sapphire Radeon NITRO R9 380 4GB DL-DVI-I/DL-DVI-D/HDMI/DP Dual-X OC Graphics Card 11242-13-20G 200 USD
Check if your current motherboard can support these, but if you can give the detailed spec of your current PC it would be easier to see what else needs changing.

Don’t buy SSD, it just helps to run windows faster, but if you install games on it, or change it’s content too much it has a really low lifespan. You can buy 2 TB HDD for the price of a 128 GB SSD, not worth it.
If you need a cracked windows and you can get away with torrenting, I can give you a download link.

Hmm hmm, I wasn’t planning on buying an SSD unless I have more money to throw in xD but yeah I’m looking for the key parts like motherboard, graphic card, ram, processor. I’m from USA and yeah shipping can cost alot xD Thanks for the recommendation I’ll take a look at them

Firstly, download this ” “.

Reply here with what Processor model, Graphics card model you have using CPU-Z.

Also, open your PC and take a clear picture of the insides, and a close up of the power supply and its cables (clear pictures of power cable connectors, need to see if you have the power cable connector needed for higher powered graphics cards). Example ” “. Graphics cards use the PCIe power connector.

Also if you can, find the power supply wattage sticker (sticker will look like this ” “).

With $200-400 budget, your best bet will be to upgrade the graphics card. Give us these details and images first, then we’ll know what we’re working with and can and improve on it.

This is tedious but it will help us help you pick the best upgrade to play FFXV.

Thanks shernjr, for now I’ve put up the pc specs I’m currently on, I’ll get the screenshot of the internal pc in a bit. So many new things to me xD I know I’m running on a super tight budget, heck the budget might not even be able to run a FF15 but it’s ok, as long as I have a pc to use right xD

No worries, we can figure something out, $200-400 should allow you to play FF15 with no issues 😀

To run FF1`5, without confirming power supply compatibility, the graphics card I would recommend is the GTX 1050 Ti. Example: ” ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Cerberus OC 4GB “. It doesn’t need extra PCIe power cables.

The next step up is the RX 570 > GTX 1060/RX 580 but will need PCIe power cables.

I’ll wait for your screenshot to check your power supply first before recommending one of the graphics card models I listed above.

Yup, that’s good. Good news: you have a PCIe power cable. Bad news: Its a no name power supply. In most cases I would steer people away from no name power supplies because if they fry they may take every component with them. Not trying to scare you, just giving advice.

Option A (expensive ~$390) : gtx 1060 + new power supply for safety and future upgrades (i7 CPU ? ).

(GTX 1060 6GB –

Option B (cheaper ~$270) : gtx 1050ti + new power supply for safety and future upgrades (i7 CPU ? ).

(GTX 1050ti –

1060 6GB more powerful than 1050 Ti. 1050 Ti is sufficient for FF15 and most modern games, albeit can’t do ultra settings. GTX 1060 will be more future proof as it has more processing power.

My final recommendation:

Get the 1050 Ti listed above. Although I don’t recommend this, you may opt out of a new power supply, as the 1050 Ti sips power vs GTX 1060. The current power supply should chug along just fine with a 1050 Ti.

If you go 1060 6GB, I highly suggest the power supply listed above, it will also serve many future upgrades no problem.

Do note this upgrade won’t make your PC boot/respond faster, it’ll simply allow you to play modern games. Defrag your HDD, may increase response times. Run malwarebytes to scan for malware.

Sorry for the wall of texts. Good luck 😀

Your PC is more up to date than mine XD You should buy a video card, the rest seem adequate enough. If you want to to give some more boost, put another 8GB RAM in there,
or get a new processor that’s compatible with your current motherboard:
Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz for 250 USD
or you can change your motherboard to support AMD to get future improvements cheaper.
MSI X370 GAMING PLUS for 116USD and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X for 320 USD (or the previously mentioned AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor (6x 3.4GHZ/19MB L3 Cache) for190 USD).

You can check the performances here, higher CPU mark means better performance, even so you don’t want to be stuck with only 4 cores.

From the specs I think it’s still pretty decent for the time and if you want to play the FFXV I recommend you to just buy a new GPU. If you really need it right now the lowest one I would recommend is 1050Ti (75W), mid-range is 1060 (120W), and the high-end is 1070Ti (180W) because performance very similar to 1080 like 5%-10% slower but fairly cheaper. 1060 would run FFXV at medium graphics setting and decent framerate, 1070Ti would be fine at highest detail but 1050Ti would need to lower or turn down many graphics setting to run at decent FPS at 1080p. Roughly:

1060 is ~30% faster than 1050Ti.
1070Ti is ~40% faster than 1060.
1070Ti is ~70% faster than 1050Ti.

If you not hurry I suggest you to wait until August-September because there’s a rumor for quite sometime about new GPU by NVIDIA about to launch in that time frame and the current gen is already 2 years old. I think to buy a new 2 years old as a new GPU is quite weird, unless the price is cheap like 60%-70% of MSRP. Also even NVIDIA just refresh Pascal and do nothing with it, maybe only just better efficiency but it most likely to come with DDR6 which got much higher bandwidth, performance from DDR6 alone would be about 20% higher than current gen. As for the rumor for new AMD GPU it would be VEGA 7nm at Q1 2019.

If you want a new PC the best choice currently is AMD Ryzen got the best performance/price, use less power, run cool and will use the same socket until Zen 3 (2020/Ryzen 4 or 5 if they skip 4.) Any CPU is fine. If you not gonna play game much then 2200G is pretty good for the price since its got 4c/4t and iGPU as fast as 1030 but don’t pick 2400G because the price is very similar to 1600X and 2600 but only marginal faster than 2200G. For normal CPU I would suggest to look at 6 or 8 cores. Motherboard I recommend AsRock since the motherboard from this brand in AMD lineup overall got better component than all the other brand, like better VRM and higher number of VRMs, thicker PCB, and a bit cheaper.

You mentions about delay a few second when open program and the “wrrr” sound. I’m not sure since I don’t know what type of HDD you’re using and how old it actually is but I think it’s probably because HDD is old and the sound probably from HDD. I recommend to buy SSD if you can, the brand would be either Samsung or Crucial. Those brand build their own NAND chips so price gonna be better than other, reliability, speed and price also at the top, those drive can easily last at least 10 years with heavy use for normal user. Samsung is the fastest one since they got DRAM to cache some data but if file size is bigger than the DRAM (2GB or something? can’t remember) it will slow down to speed similar to other brand. Crucial is a bit slower but price also cheaper. In real world usage you wouldn’t know the different of the speed. So just pick the one in your budget. The current SSD SATA drives are Samsung is EVO 860 and Crucial MX500.

If you brought SSD I recommend to Disable Disk Defragmenter Schedule in Windows 7. It’s for defragment drive when your system is idle for a period of time. I can’t remember the time maybe 20 mins or something. It’s useless for SSD because already much faster than HDD in both read and write, and latency is far better than HDD. Also defrag SSD mean you put more write on the SSD meaning the life of SSD will get shorter.

Here how to disable it: Run > dfrgui.exe / Start > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

About the change the folder views by itself. This one is obviously because Windows. If you change it and it keeps changing back to detail. I think maybe some registry might broken or something, I’m using Windows 7 but never happened to me before. Maybe because you didn’t properly format HDD before install Windows but put the old one in the new system?

Try this: Open some window up. At the top click tools > folder options > tab view > reset folders > apply > ok.

Then: right click on window > view > anything you want > then click on tools again > folder options > tab view > apply to folders.

For the reference my current main PC specs:
CPU: Intel Q9400 (4c/4t) 2.66@2.80 1.28750v@1.20000v (w Copper water block)
M/B: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R
RAM: DDR2 800 6GB (2GBx2, 1GBx2)
VGA: XFX 9600GT 512MB (w Copper water block)
PSU: Raidmax RX Thunder 635W (semi-modular)
Monitor: Dell S2409W 24″ (Main)
TV: LG 42LS4600 42″ (Secondary)
Case: some noname cheap case (remove all the side panel)
OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 (last install in 2012)
Bootdrive: Intel 330 Series 180GB
Secondary Drives: WD RED 4TB, WD RED 8TB, WD GREEN 2TB
Storage Drives: WD GREEN 2TB x 10 (store in some plastic box)
Radiator: Copper 160mm (outside the house, natural winds help, very rarely turn on the fans)
Pump: Some cheap aquarium pump (25W, 1500LPH, 1.5M) (also outside the house)
Tank: some big transparent plastic shoe box (also outside the house with normal water)

I build this PC in 2008 which is 10 years old now. Brought 2GB x 2 of RAM for $15 each in 2016 but not support with motherboard so only 1 GB each is usable, hence the 6GB. Change PSU at year 7 because the old one was dead. Brought 2-hand Q9400 (4c/4t) at year 4 for $40 buck to replace E4500 (2c/2t). Brought the SSD for $180 in 2012, today still fast like the first day, everything loads much faster than the old HDD. I use computer almost every day for like 12 hours a day and it still working perfectly fine and don’t have any delay or lag or anything at all. I didn’t play game much since 2010 because western game companies seem to go downhill since then, indie, and most Japanese games are working fine so upgrade is not needed. I might buy a new GPU in the price range of the new 2050Ti ($180) with a new universal GPU copper water block in 2019 since there’s some games I want to play and I want to replace my Dell 24″ with a new 55″ or 65″ TV as a primary monitor. I’m trying to hold out for the new AMD Ryzen 6? with DDR5 its probably out in 2021 lol.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! thanks so much for the advice and recommendations. You might be right concerning the sounds when I open a windows or app. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time but it does happen about 70% of the time. Still pretty annoying :X

The method you taught me above, I’ve just applied it. I think it helps for now xD

We’ll have to wait and see and I must say you’ve been using the same pc for the last 10 years though some parts were upgrade d and changed xD is amazing

Hmm… I didn’t consider investing in a SDD back when I first bought this pc as it was costly, but now thinking back maybe I should’ve xD

But for now, I have to start saving up money for it… I’ve not decided what I’ll change yet but yeah, if worst come to worst I’ve to change numerous items like the GPU, Motherboard and stuffs, at least I’ve the funds by then, but right now I’m at 0$ xD

So yeah there’s still time and if what people say is right about the new products coming out this fall/autumn, the current product might be cheaper during that period!

Ah, also, what is a Radiator, Tank and Pump?

It’s for water cooling PC. For referrer you can try search for “pc custom loop water cooling” and check on image tab.

Tank is just a box to store water for cooling, pump for push water around, and radiator for dissipate heat with air. You can also find radiator in other thing like motorcycle or car. The good thing about it is heat transfer is better than air but the downside is harder to maintenance. There’s also a chance of leak but it’s pretty rare if you do it right. I been using it for 14 years and never leak even once but I also saw many people kill their own PC because of leak.

I’ve been using the same water cooling set since I was still using Pentium 4 Prescott (2004) AKA the Space Heater from Intel at that time. I like it because all the heat from CPU and GPU got push outside my room, room is cooler and its more quiet because there’re less fans in my case. The top of CPU and GPU block is acrylic, so when I switch to C2Q. I just order acrylic top for it to acrylic shop near my house to cut a new one that fit with it. If you interested in it you can check out some of them on Aliexpress. There are many brand but the brand from Chinese is pretty cheap but pretty good as expensive ones. If you don’t know what to search try “ryzen/intel water block.”

When I brought SSD I think it’s quite expensive and want to wait for the price to drop more but my old HDD that run as bootdrive is very slow, so I brought it. It’s WD GreenPower 500GB. At first it’s fine but at year 3 it’s starting to annoy me when its need almost 5 mins to get into Windows and when open some program its take quite sometime and there is also some lag and freeze from times to times.

For Windows 7 + programs + fonts + some spare space, its take up about 70GB. So even small SSD like 128GB should be fine but it you want to put some games may need some bigger SSD like 256GB or more.

I’m saving up too but I have many thing I need to pay for, so it’s quite slow. So I’m not quite sure if I can do as I planned. TV are getting cheaper and cheaper every year, it’s very tempting to wait until 65″ 4K TV are dirt cheap. If I can hold up to 2021 when Ryzen start using DDR5 I might change my plan and go with 2-hand old Ryzen or Threadripper if its very cheap, like $300-$500 for full system, and then I would be fine hold out for another 10 years at least before buy a new one lol.

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