I apologize for asking so much but can anyone spare us a buck or two? I’m left with 30 bucks or so that’ll last us till the end of this month. I just want to feed my papa and mama. They painstakingly raise me but I feel so helpless and useless to do anything.

My papa has been having some cough recently. It might not be something severe but I can’t stop worrying. He doesn’t like it when we spend money on medicines because it’s so expensive. At the very least I want to feed him some fruits or vegetables.

If you could spare a buck or two, it’d make me really happy. I will not disclose your name ( unless you want me to do so )


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Put donation details in your request pages so people on other sites don’t have to google you. I found you from Okusan on MD and looked you up, but most won’t bother unless you put your paypal e-mail in the request image. Take care

Thank you Ayano, I’ve receive help from everyone out there ^^ don’t worry about us, we’re able to get food now thanks to the kind souls out there

Put a comment leading to this page on this link, to ensure more people see this. I am in the same boat as you currently (I have $45 after rent to last till the middle of next month, and I’m unsure how we’re going to get food either), so I’m no help at all as far as money goes, but I really hope others are able to pick up my slack. You do a great job with your translations, and it sucks to know you’re struggling.

Thank you for reading and sorry for the late reply >.< thanks to the kind people out there I manage to secure funds for food. I don't mind not being able to feed myself, as long as my papa and mama are fed

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