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On the fourth anddddd fifth day of christmas, my true love gave to me~

Uchi no musume ni te wo dasuna Ch 16























further down here…







hey pssst…




Ouji-sama ch 62

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I was close to my phone 😀 I’m getting notifications when you post 😉 It’s easy to stand by you when you give us so much quality content XD Could you resist Nobara’s gushing about Yukino? Or Kinoshita’s cute reaction? 😀 This chapter made me laugh XD You are making my holiday break so much fun 😀

xD ahaha I’m glad you’re enjoying your holiday! I’m being lazy too, haven’t really done much of scanlation this week. Mostly lazying around marathoning animes xD ohohoho

Shingeki Bahamut Virgin Soul was great. Kakegurui was beautiful, Ballroom He Youkoso is splendid, Blend S was cute, Himouto S2 even cute, Kekkai Sensen S2 is hilarious xD Hozuki No Reitetsu is fun as usual~

I watched Blend S a few days ago too 😀 I didn’t like the last episode of Kakegurui, the manga allows for more yuri and more interesting interaction between the President and Yumeko. I remember Himouto to be cute, but even with reading the manga I just always forget what happened a few days after reading it XD I have terrible memory in this sense. I’m rewatching Princess Principal now. I was trying to write a fanfiction, but it’s hard to keep who is Ange who is Charlotte at the moment when there is no picture attached XD There isn’t many reason for them to switch identities either for AUs.

Ohhhhh! Ahaha, I didn’t read the manga of kakegurui, but yeah, anime most of the times leave out those… you know not suitable to air on tv ( even though if it’s late night. there’re limits to it i guess. and not to mention even in anime companies, there’re politics involved xD ) MORE YURI MORE LIFE!

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