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Black Lily To Shirayuri San Ch 4/5


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Well for me this is one of those manga that present you with a world, characters and situations that are just too hard to believe.The main problem with that is how serious this manga takes itself, something like murcielago can pull it of because of selfawareness and humour, but this seems like it wants me to feel something about the characters but I just can’t.The pacing is too fast for me to care about them and their exchanges, I barely had any time in this universe and I’m supposed to believe that “warped people have a reason to be like that” bs?Cmon that girl has a bdsm sex dungeon.I expected some sort of crazy humour or straight up hentai but it’s beeing played of as a normal serious story.
About their supposedly slowly developed relationship, I can’t take this type of stuff.Lily is 100% ready for it, the entire school is ready for it, god even the fuck pet girl is trying to make it happen.Reading trough 5 chapters of yuri playing off the “shy” or “thick headed” mc already felt a bit awkward, specially having the rest of the school and Sakura as contrast.And im supposed to digest that they were like that for 2 whole months in that environment?Why do the confession thing then?Couldnt they have had them develop any sort of relationship before supposedly start “dating”?
Well I do hope this pulls a Tokyo ghoul on me and keeps me interested just because of how unbelievable and yet serious everything is, to the point it becomes a hilarious experience.I honestly believe the next chapter we will learn that the orphanage is some sort of sex dungeon or a yuri training camp, that would be hilarious.I hope it happens.Or maybe it could surprise me even more and have yuri understand the obvious and make some progress(not that this would fix the taking itself too serious problem or the boom!sex dungeon and dead parents problem.
I’ll keep reading for now since it’s only in the very beginning(and because I want the orphanage to be some crazy stuff).
Whew!After that wall of text let me take some time to thank the translator.. thanks squiggles!

Wow, thanks for the long comment xD Well, I’m not sure if I want it to get bloody like Tokyo Ghoul xD Everyone has their own taste right. Generally I find this series is ok, with the art to my liking, and the story so far mmm… I’d say there’s potential for the characters to grow. It might seem sudden to people like “OMG THEY STIRAHGT UP DATE WITH NO CHARA DEVELOPMENT” or something like that. That’s their opinion xD either you read and enjoy it or just don’t.

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