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Ahaha! Uhm, I’m not sure how you’d categorize sluts but it’s all about dirty jokes xD It’s like a comedy manga but with dirty jokes? xD that’s how I see it

Ah yeah. I understand xD Uhm, I’m not sure how it is in other countries ( probably similiar? ) but when you go to uhm say, Carabet clubs ( that’s how they call it in Japan ). Basically you’re going there to sit, relax or have fun drinking with a companion ( with a girl or if you’re a woman who wants male companion they go to Host club ). As the customer, you pay for the drinks and snacks that you or your companion order. The catch is the pricey drink and snacks.

If you know what’s Carabet club then that’s all good.

Next we have what is known as a Call Girl. They’re also brothels but mostly Call Girls are the favourite. If you don’t know what’s a Call Girl, they are sex workers. You get the drill. You both share contacts, etc etc.

Right now, if you’re the Call Girl, and a male is your customer. They’ll usually pay the Agency XX amount to have sex with you. But, the male customer can also offer YOU xx amount for you know his fetish?

TLDR: In reference to the comic, a male customer is trying to pay her money to do some kinda stuff that was not in the menu the agency provide. Like, let’s say “ejaculate inside”

Lel, I should’ve just posted the TLDR instead. I hope you’re not confuse or anything

xD aha, that’s the general err thing. But I’mma leave it to you, if you think she’s a slut that’s fine xD I’m just letting you know the general meaning behind that joke or situation.

Ahh. I don’t have dischord, but I’m in various scanlation dischord groups like… Mugen Shoujo, Caek Co, Championo Scans, Phoenix Serenade, KireiCake, Dynasty Scans. You can drop by any if you like ^^ If you need an invitation lemme try, I can try to get it for you ( am not good with techy computer stuffs but imma try ! )

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