Black Lily and White Lily

Black Lily and Shirayuki-chan ( white lily ) Ch 1

In collaboration with Mugen Shoujo and Caek. We bring you the translation of Black and White Lily, by Ootori Mahiro


6 replies on “Black Lily and Shirayuki-chan ( white lily ) Ch 1”

What can I say… even if it’s yuri it didn’t really appeal to me.It doesn’t look like it’s going for romance or straight up fun porn but instead staying somewhere in the middle with a not official relationship and some drama.
Well I will try reading a few more chapters to see if I like it.

xD ahaha. I don’t wanna spoil you but… I can say is

Art : 10
Story: 8 It’s a warm,light and a little drama kind of story. Don’t take my words for granted. Read it to see if it floats your boat. ( since my interests are lovely, soft, heartwarming, sometimes action pack stuff )

We do seem to have the same taste…well I’m going to read the next chapters and I hope I like it as much as you did.Thanks squiggles!

pg 23, “Heorine” should be “Heroine”

seems like this sentence is off at the end. pg 33, “I just want to clear up the misunderstanding between you a-“

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