Amanogawa ke no 4 shimai Gyaru Yuri Hachi Ichi

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Hachi Ichi Ch 48

Gyaru Yuri Ch 18

Amanogawa Ke No Yon Shimai Ch 47

19 replies on “More Updates”

I’m glad you are greedy Squiggles, I am greedy too XD I don’t see anything wrong with the quality of your releases, but even if it has mistakes so what? I rather read a 100 different stories with some mistakes in it than only 1 perfect release. Keep up the great work, you are amazing <3

im just glad someone is covering all these series,
i don’t get why people give you shit when they are receiving things free of charge, sure you can complain about the quality, but i think that’s just nitpicking at this point

Ahh… I see xD I’m kinda a sentimental person so it’s pretty hard to just ignore everyone and go on with it. won’t I be an ignorant with that? xD I’m not too sure

You Know Squiggless, Don’t Worry about Mistake or Quality,
Even Legally Manga in My Town. There Is Many Typos, Wrong Words, Even Wrong Typesetter on Baloon. You Know They Doing It Legally with License, They Even Giving a Pay from sales, from people who bought it. They Should Work Professionally.
But, You Guys Just Only fansite Scans withouth Paid from me. With Few Mistake, So What?? I dont Give a Sh*t about it. I Read it For free, and I Should Thankful for you. These Guys Should know how to hard working “a Single Chapter”.

Yeah… an average ch takes about 3 hours plus minus with the kind of quality I’m producing. Imagine those pages that needs 1-2 hours redrawing, JUST for a SINGLE page. But you know it’s human nature right. to look for the best.

Don’t let those bitches get to you, if they don’t like it they should bang their heads on a wall

I read “more updates” thinking that Ouji Sama was already here… XD
Anyway, thanks for Gyaru Yuri.

Thanks for all your hard work
And don’t mind all those ungrateful people, I’m just glad that I can read them~
There’s many people who definitely appreciate what you’re doing, keep up the great work ^w^

Also, would it be possible to get the download link for gyaru yuri
Thank you again for your hard work

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