Idol Na Kanojo To Otaku na Boku To

Idol Na Kanojo To Wotaku Na Boku To Ch 10


I’m not going to post this on anymore because the contents are not suitable on their platform/site. I’ll be posting this on my friendly neighborhood, 777 scans site! XD

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P.s. Adult Content Warning for this series. [you all would’ve known by now anyway,lol ]

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Damm.That ugly bastard doing idol girls.Do idols always get banged like this?That ugly bastard must have banged all the young girls.I feel sorry for them.Better not to be an idol.Squiggles I can’t read this anymore.

As far as that ugly guy getting the girls, I didn’t like either of the two girls; thought they were both pretty nasty customers and I really didn’t feel sorry for them at all.

Squiggles, thanks again for the latest chapter!! 😀

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