Ouji-sama nante iranai

Ouji-sama Nante Iranai Ch 37



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I know, that Translating, typsetting and stuff needs a lot of time,
but may i ask whats happen with Kano Kagi?
If help needed for the Typsetting part, i have no problem to help.

Ahh, as for Kano Kagi, it’s being typesetted. It might take awhile for them to complete it but yeah… just curious, do you mind cleaning? I don’t mind if you can’t redraw.

Man, you’re so good, I’m glad and thankful for your translation! :3
(sorry my bad english, I’m foreign… so I’m not good to write your language. ^^)
kisses, to you and KISS NOW NOBARA! heueheueh o/

“I wanna know how i get closer to her, that all…” plus that whole last scene…
>My dream scenario for the next chapters<
Misa-"Hello and welcome to the world of yuri! Let me be your guide!"

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