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I can get really obsessive about stuff, just look at my main’s stats in eq2 (again)
Played:91d 18h 35m 8s
Quests Completed:2,624
Collections Completed:311
Items Crafted:21,557
Rare Harvests:734

The interesting thing about some book quests is that you get a book, read page 1, kill some stuff for page too until you collected all 10 pages. So you don’t have to turn it in for an NPC, you can finish it from your inventory.

And some of these things you have to kill either take very long to spawn, and have placeholder mobs that might spawn instead of them, and usually they can be found only at inconvenient places.

Yeah and finally the godlike inquisitor who didn’t let me die once was finally online and we could run an expert zone together, but he had to go after that 1 zone so we had to find a replacement

Some of the best memories I have from the game are when I was working together with someone. It didn’t have to be a big thing, we would just duo a zone that was way above our LV and crawl through at a snail’s pace to get to the questupdate

It gets really interesting when the zone you are crawling through is a contested place not an instance. The difference between the 2 is that in an instance you kill something it stay dead, in a contested they periodically respawn

I was never angry though. We just laughed it off, thought of a different strategy and killed again πŸ˜€ That’s how I learned how to pull carefully. And that was before I got a pet XD

Don’t worry about it, you learn it by doing. I learned english by watching tv shows and reading fanfiction XD And of course most anime are only subtitled with english so that was good motivation πŸ˜€

I know, but many fanfictions these days have like really bad mistakes, even I can tell that something is wrong.

And when you read works with mistakes, you learn them as what you thing is right, but no it turn out to be wrong.

I think it was yesterday, a couple hours after I finished this chapter quest that I was just chilling in a contested zone, shiny whoring because I couldn’t get everything when the expansion was current

Turned out she had a quest update for her epic2 in the zone, and she wasn’t that well geared, and she was a healer too so it would have taken her longer to reach that part of the zone XD

Everquest2, it was my first so I have unreal expectations for other games XD I tried a few others because it has a lot of issues, but other games either don’t have an UI I can customize to my needs, or/and have to move with the right mouseclick and it makes it hard to rightclick NPCs. It’s also not appealing if it only has 1 hotbar with only 10 spells but if the UI and command keys would please me I would get used to that.
I really liked the story of DragonAge, but I had to do too much killing on the caves of Orzemarr before I could progress with the story so I just read the rest on the wikia and my character is still camping in said caves XD

Oh yeah about pulling, since I have 100% AE autoattack chance I have to turn singular focus on, but if I use my bow it doesn’t work, I have to use a single target spell. But most my single target spells are short range so it has it’s own problems

1. I can’t send it to a target if I’m attacking something. I can be out of combat, send it to a target and then I attack something closer and he’ll turn back to attack my target.

2. It will AE pull. The epicx4 boss was up in the contested zone. There was a boss next to him on top of a building. I couldn’t get to him without aggroing his minions, so I thought I’d send in the pet. But huh, pet comes, his path is in the path of the minions or the boss himself I’m not sure and he frigging pulls them too!

Shadowknights are so fun. In the regular heroics I do still struggle with aggro if the dps has bursts, but in the experts the mobs have combat mitigation, which prevents these dps bursts and I’m holding aggro no problem πŸ˜€

But I’m not sure I could survive long fights with it, with the SK I was killing raid bosses other classes wouldn’t have been able to solo. (Not current expansion of course, but some old raids are still hard)

I tried to solo a current heroic zone, because when I was in there grouped, and got teleported away from the others, and accidentally pulled some trash with me I could survive surprisingly well XD

My pc is old and I only have 1 monitor so I the best I can do is load up 2 instance of the game, and then have 1 character autofollow the one I’m controlling, but it might work

Oh yeah looting system we usually use is “need before greed’, you have 3 options when a loot drops need, greed, decline. Decline is obvious, greed is for the stuff that’s not an upgrade for your current character, and you need on the items that would be an upgrade for your character.

When I’m in a group with my beastlord I like to be in spiritual stance better, Because if noone dies then I know I’m doing my job well, and I can heal almost as much as the healer. Downside is, the group loses dps.

I think I’ll use it more to solo, because in a more defensive gear I can get myself to be as tough as a tank, can heal myself and dps well enough. But I’ll still have to group with it for a nice gear.

There is so much to do in the game and so little time to do them all XD Somehow I always get sidetracked, but it still turns out well so even though I never get things done I’m still having fun.

The best one that is said to drop the most planar fragments is the one in Kylong Plains. You have to kill 100 trash, kite the named to eat the tentacles growing from the ground and then you can tank and spank it.

That PQ also rewards a Mythical Relic helm, but you can only wear 2 relic and 1 greater relic on a character, and you can get a mythical relic legs and chest from the heroic dungeon reward boxes already, so it’s only good for people who didn’t run enough heroic yet or can’t do it yet

The 2nd most interesting PQ is in Fens of Nathar. Here you have to kill adds that periodically respawn or they add a damage reduction to the named, so you have to gather them at the named and just tank and spank. Really easy. The charm it rewards has a very high magic resistance, so it’s still relevant even if you group.

Catapults with their defender adds will spawn along the named, The Iksar Statue’s path, there are materials around him, and some materials drop from the defenders. You have to take the materials, and use crafting skills to repair the ballistas.

The named we are trying to kill has unlimited pets he can call to himself,and they heal him if we don’t kill them fast enough, they also deal a lot of damage so we wipe sooner or later πŸ™

Unfortunately the current expansion made previous expansion a piece of cake to clear now, so I don’t have recent solo achievements πŸ™ But the fact that I can tank expert zones puts me in a good standing πŸ™‚

So much gaming info :o. Learned here more than ever πŸ™‚
Though I must say I never searched for this kind of info xD

But I must say I was always a big fan of games with developed story line, Witcher for example, still RPG but with really good story too.

Creating a new character is always exciting, because with each class comes an ability and matching a race to complement that takes some serious research and consideration which I love πŸ˜€

Of course my first class I didn’t know anything yet, so I used a well-rounded class, human. My transportation spells have a shorter cooldown thanks to that so I’ guess it’s ok.

The iksar female version looks so bad in armor it’s criminal, the male version looks buff and any armor fits it perfectly so I regret even gender choice in that. The robes are cool though, I think I look awesome.

Oh and iksars are lizard looking races, so I get underwater breathing as an innate ability, which is not so nice because there is a totem I can use for that. There are also tinkered and quested items for it.

There is 2 thing I love about the dark elf. It’s pure evil. And I’m evil all the way πŸ˜€ And it has a spell that let’s me teleport to a groupmember within the zone.

Oh it has a 12 hour cooldown, but it’s still nice if my Call of the Tinkerer is down, which is an item with the same effect and with 30 min cooldown. You might think that’s a short time to wait, but with certain quests it’s nice to have options.

The conjuror class however has the ability to teleport groupmembers withing the zone to themselves. It’s a literal lifesaver when someone falls down from a cliff or something. In one of the raid zones there are carpet illusions above the abyss where the road ends but you can’t see it. Really useful.

I understand having old computer perfectly, I had a PC so old that even at some point even minecraft didin’t work. Now I do not have that problem anymore πŸ˜€

I don’t really play with other races, I tend to stick to the ones I tried and liked, so it’s usually kerra and dark elf for me XD I make other races for fun but I don’t play them much.

Yeah, becouse there are many races with many styles of playing, there are so many of them so people can choose which style they prefer the most, right?

It was a dark, moonless night. The knights patrolling around the castle shivered from the cold.
“Looks like a storm is coming, we should close the windows”-said Dalia, who was the gatekeeper for the week.

She always got the jitters on nights like these. If she were to lead an ambush, she would choose to do it in a weather like this. Any sound was swallowed by the strong wind, it also dulled her vision.

She was worried about her 2 young trainees as well. They were timid little things, easily scared by smallest of things. She wasn’t having a hard time with them, they were earnest in their clumsiness, but they still needed to learn how to deal with the harsh conditions a knight had to face.

Eli had blond hair, blue eyes. She was a hostage from the neighboring country to keep the peace between them. She was mature enough to understand her role but still immature in the way of the world.

Umi’s hair was dark like the night sky, her amber eyes lively with curiosity. Her best friend seemed to be the cook’s daughter, Honoka. Dalia wouldn’t have been surprised if they stayed true to each other until their death.

Honoka was a tireless troublemaker and dense to the social boundaries between royalty and servants. The royal family usually didn’t mind her getting close to their daughter heir, Princess Maki. They were delighted to know Princess Maki was having fun between her studies and various responsibilities.

One day however, when the Princess was having important guests from noble families Honoka decided to liven things up. She was bored serving tea and having to listen to the young ladies’ talk.

Since she was bored, she thought maybe the ladies themselves were not having fun either. So she went to the kitchen, filled a few bags with berries and offered the ladies a game of catch.

Even so the guests were angry with Honoka, and demanded retribution. Princess Maki held the servant dear in her heart, so she would have liked to avoid harsh punishment. She racked her brain what would be enough to appease her guests anger, but not bad enough that Honoka would really suffer.

Honoka herself felt terrible that she caused trouble for her mistress yet again, but all she could do was apologize and cry. She didn’t have any other means to ask for forgiveness and was welcoming any punishment her Princess deemed she deserved.

Umi saved them both from their internal torment.
“Honoka is always causing you trouble Princess, I’m deeply sorry as her friend that I didn’t stop her.” -she started, searching the expressions of the wronged party.

“She is a bit soft in the head but she doesn’t mean any ill will. If you would allow me, I shall take responsible for her action. Please, let me become one of your knights!”- she knelt down, trying to imitate the king’s knights – “If I could become a great knight, I could keep an eye on Honoka, and protect you and your valued guests from any harm.”- her voice cracked.

She heard the price of it from her father, the King. She will be sent to Arenland as a sign of good faith, and they will send someone of royal blood as their sign of faith as well.

Her mother, Alicia was the second wife of the King. his first wife, PenelopΓ© died in an illness nobody could cure. Queen PenelopΓ© was popular with the people, everyone adored her for her kindness, loyalty and compassion.

Eli never got to meet her personally, but after hearing stories about her, even she thought she was a wonderful person. But why her mother and her have to suffer because of that?

“They need me alive, but that doesn’t mean they need me to be well. After all, nobody will ask about me now that I’m gone. After all, they can have their peace as long as don’t hear about any ill conduct. The reality doesn’t matter much…”

She wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come. Her journey seemed long, but not long enough to avoid getting there. They could arrive at any time. She had no idea how long it would take to get there, and lost track of the time she already spent in the carriage.

The time went by and she picked her head up at the shouting directed at her.
“Mou, geez! It’s mama’s famous manju and you are eating it like it’s made of coal!” – the servant girl shouted at her. Of course, she is even less than servants here, she has every right(?) to be shouted at.

“If you are gonna be like that, let me eat it! Lemme lemme lemme lemme” “Bonk”- another servant in a different uniform hit the shouting monster on the head.
“Honoka, please be more courteous to the Princess and don’t pester her. You got a share of the cake anyways, didn’t you?”

“Princess!” they shouted in unison.
“After you, Honoka” the servant looked like she was younger than Eli herself, but she gestured with the experience of the head maids she knew to the child in front of her.

“Princess, what’s your favourite food?” “Boink” Another hit from behind. Eli didn’t really know what to think of this, so she just watched the scene unfold in front of her.

“What are you getting it for? What are you getting it for?!” Umi’s voice got louder. “You dared insult the princess and instead of apologizing you are pestering her with your questions?!”

“My deepest apologies Princess. I’m deeply ashamed of my friend’s actions and I’m especially sorry for making a fuss in front of you. I assure you her punishment will be long and painful.” Umi’s was deep and calm, her head properly bowed as a servant should address her superior.

Honoka bowed with her, they both seemed to wait for her to talk.
“It’s alright, I didn’t mean to offend your mother’s cooking. I’m sorry as well.” Eli really didn’t mean anything bad, and at least these girls didn’t scare her anymore. She felt herself relax a bit.

Eli didn’t berate them, and Umi would have expected. This gave her the courage to address her one more time.
“Princess, excuse my meddling, but you really don’t seem to enjoy your food. I don’t know anything about what kind of food you are used to eating, but if you explained what you would like to our cooks, I’m sure they could make something that fits your tastes.”

“Thank you for your consideration, but you don’t have to go out of your way for me. The food you gave me tastes just fine, I was simply distracted before. That’s why it could have appeared as if I wasn’t enjoying it.”

“I am Kousaka Honoka, my job is to help out in the kitchen. If you want to play just say so.” -she smiled as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Maybe she didn’t, Eli thought.

She talked warmly with the servant, got acquainted with the guards, and when Princess Maki invited her to join her for tea she could actually pay attention to what was said. And she thought, “These people aren’t that bad. They are actually really,
really nice. “

“Maki, weren’t you worried about your cousin when you sent her off to my homeland? I mean even I think she isn’t treated as well over there as I am treated here.”- Eli’s voice was full of sadness she said that.
She knew too well what it’s like to feel like she didn’t belonged.

Maki didn’t like to see Eli like this. She did her best to comfort her, but she wasn’t sure which words would bring comfort to her.
“Don’t worry about Hanayo. She is a cute girl, your brothers and cousins are already quite taken with her. They spoil her silly in an attempt to court her.”

That did bring a smile to Eli’s face. Her family may have picky with who they accepted into their folds, but they did take care of the ones they thought of as their own. Seeing this, Maki brightened up too.

Eli was taken by surprise with the question “We-well, I do get them. But since I have to option of choosing my partner I would like to take my time and fall in love properly before the engagement.” she stammered out.

Eli blushed. “Somehow I just always think of the worst when I’m not the one making the choices about my life. But my coming here couldn’t have turned out better. After seeing you with Nico I started to think it wouldn’t be the end to agree to a political marriage either. “

“My my Maki-chan, don’t be so high strung. We all know how you think of her lips at night.” Honoka chimed in and sent a wink to the Princess.
“I don’t!”-Maki protested, but noone present took it seriously.

“Oh shut up!” Maki couldn’t have been any redder. “Where is Umi? She is the only one on my side and she disappears right when I need her.”
Eli laughed. “Would she really be on your side? It seemed to me she was really pleased with your fiancee. If you say you don’t want her, she might take her for herself.” At this, Honoka laughed out too.

“Umi-chan is at training. Dalia-san is taking up all her playtime now. So unfair.” Honoka pouted.
“Aren’t you just saying this because you are bored without her, Honoka? asked Eli.
“But I’m having fun with you two right now. I just want to have fun with her too.”
“We all are.” Maki’s words were how all three of them felt.

“Lets visit her!” came the suggestion.
“But we would just bother her.”
“We have the Princess with us, she can observe the trainees any time, we won’t get into trouble! Probably.” The insecure comeback didn’t make Eli and Maki assured, but Honoka was right. Maki is the Princess, even is she is causing trouble, she will be forgiven. And this much selfishness was not bad every once in a while.

They headed towards the barracks. It was a path filled with knights going about their daily duties. They bowed as they saw the Princesses, but they didn’t ask any questions.

Only the elites and future elites were allowed to train at the castle. Captains, commanders, commanding officers and most importantly the knights who defended the royal family. Umi was to become such a knight.

Princess Eli and Princess Maki knew they way around. Armed combat was part of their studies, their title attracted danger that’s why the king ordered them to learn how to defend themselves.

The princesses were studying under Dalia, the best combat instructor in the kingdom and when Umi declared her intentions of becoming a knight, Princess Maki was adamant that Dalia should take her as her pupil. At least their training schedule overlapped this way.

Dalia noticed them and gestured for them to come closer.
“My princesses. Our next training session isn’t until tomorrow.”
The 2 princess blushed. Now that they thought about it, they could have waited for Umi to finish her training for the day, and the day after they would have joined her either way.

“We were missing Umi-chan, Dalia-sama.” Honoka smiled without any reservation.
“How shameless…”- Umi joined the embarrassed girls in their blushing and buried her face into her hands.

As always, she could count on her friends to come through for her.
“We are very sorry Dalia-sensei,” -apologized Eli- “we didn’t want to interrupt you. We were having a break between lessons and wanted to share a few moments with Umi. Would it be alright if I stayed to watch a bit more?”

“Stay if you wish. Umi needs to be able to focus in any situation. You can be as obstructing as you like.” Dalia had the grin of a wolf. She was the best in the field, but she had a terrifying personality.

Umi wasn’t fazed by her audience. Archery happened to be her strongest art, she proudly showed off her skills. Her visitors had to go back to their studies all too soon, but knowing they were thinking of her elevated Umi’s fighting spirit.

Princess Maki came to visit Umi’s room that night. It wasn’t often that she came and when she did, she brought a book with her and together they would read it. Princess Maki huddled close to her and pulled the blanket over them.

When Princess Maki was younger, she often sat in the garden reading books. Honoka would sneak up on her, dragging a shy Umi with her and she would read stories to her lively servants.

These reading sessions were one of the few activities Honoka would sit calmly for, and Umi was so enchanted by her words that her expression turned from reserved to a face of wonder and she was positively glowing.

Since Umi started her training as a knight, the two of them didn’t have as much time to read together as before. That’s why Princess Maki’s nightly visits were precious to both of them.

They fell asleep in each others arms, and in the next morning they woke up to Princess Eli’s voice.
“Maki, Umi wake up. I decided on something and I want you to be the first ones to hear about it. I’ll wake up Honoka too, please get ready and meet us in the garden.” With that she was already out the door.

The response was three shocked faces.
“I knew we shouldn’t have listened to you when you said to address you without formalities.” – started Umi – “You are a princess of Gartonia. It wouldn’t be fitting of your status to become a Knight of Arenland.”

“Why would you lower yourself like that, Eli? My knights are in high status in the kingdom, but they are still just servants. Knowing about combat, tactics, strategy and using this knowledge in a time of need is what a princess should do. Becoming a knight would mean to give up your current rank and start over from the bottom.” – explained Maki.

Honoka didn’t understand the difficult things a knight-ship would imply to a princess, but she understood that she would be left behind with Maki again, only seeing her other precious friends during dinner time when they are already too tired to play. The thought saddened her, but she didn’t want to be in the way of her friend’s happiness so she stayed silent.

Eli expected the confusion, and presented her reasons.
“The peace between our countries is sure to last thanks to Princess Hanayo’s diplomatic work. If she does marry one of my relatives, our bonds will just grow stronger. My country has no use of me, and I’m just a burden to yours. I can’t just live here in comfort and let you take care of me. I want to do something to repay your kindness! I want to do something with my life. I want to protect you and the all of these kind people who welcomed me into their home.”

“But why a knight? You could be a diplomat, politician, anything really.” – inquired Maki.
“Those are things I have no talent for. The nobles scorn me, my social standing is too low even if I’m technically a princess. As a knight at least I could fight honorably to make people recognize me. Dalia-sensei said I have talent too.” -Eli answered. She felt really blessed having these three friends worrying about her.

“I won’t allow you to be reckless and endanger your life. Even if you do become a knight don’t get any ideas of heroically waltzing into the midst of battle. I will monopolize you and keep you at my side to be my guardian at all times. You won’t get the recognition you are hoping for. Even if I have to go live in Princess Nico’s country I’ll take you with me. Umi and Honoka too.” – Maki said ferociously.

“Maki.” -Eli had a tear in her eyes. She stepped closer to Maki and caressed her cheek with her hand. “Thank you so much for your kind feelings. It would be an honor to serve you and protect you. Becoming your personal guard would be enough of a recognition for me. ” – she knelt down before her – “My princess, I shall serve you as long as you need me.”

“It’s sad that we won’t be able to play together as much from now on, but if Princess Maki says she will keep us by her side together forever I can wait for the times when all of us can be together.” – Honoka was uncharacteristically somber. Maki sometimes forgot that she was younger than her dear servant, but in this moment she could only acknowledge her and nod along in agreement with her words.

Umi added – ” If you really thought this through and this is your will you shall have my support. However you still need permission from your country and our King. ”
“Yes Umi, I’ll will ask for it. I just wanted you all to know about it first. Thank you!” She gathered them into a hug.

5 years later, Honoka was preparing for Princess Maki’s birthday when she overheard the news. Princess Maki’s marriage to Princess Nico was approaching, the King is looking for an appropriate date to hold the ceremony.

She always loved playing the piano, the beautiful sounds calmed her and her playing brought a smile to the face of people passing by. She loved being the reason for their smiles.

“I don’t know yet.” -replied Maki. ” My father did ask me if I’m ready to marry, but I don’t want to decide without meeting Princess Nico again. ” -Honoka’s face fell.
“But I know you love her!”- she fussed.

“But I didn’t meet her in 3 years already. And we didn’t write each other that often either. I’m not sure I still love her….or if she still loves me.” Maki pouted.

“Maki-chan you are so cute!” Honoka jumped to hug her. “I’m sure she still loves you, she used to spoil you silly I remember. Even Umi-chan said she is an honorable person and she is so hard to please. “

“She is finally coming again this year for my birthday. We’ll see how she feels about me then. She might only wants to marry me to stabilize her country which is not a bad thing, but I wouldn’t like that.” Maki cried. It wasn’t often that she openly cried, even in front of her friends. Her pride didn’t allow that.

She must have felt incredibly overwhelmed, Honoka realized. So she lent her her shoulder and hugged her tighter. All the while thinking how could she cheer up her beloved friend.

What she decided on was a late night tea party. Somehow at night everything was more exciting. They would talk more freely, and they could hear Eli’s cute screams when the lights went out.

You do not know how or when all of this started, your eyes following them and finding their silhouette in the crowd.

Or in the school corridors, when you hear them laugh with people you do not even recognize, they must be from other classes.

You could swear you don’t peek on them in class when they are making notes, and they can’t see you. No, you definitely do not see the way they knit brows when they caught themselves lost and confused with some of the math problems. Not that it happens often.

Or that little content and triumphant smile when they do something correct and feel pleased with themselves.

You don’t notice their golden blond hair, especially in sunny days, when they seem to glow like the sun drop fell on them.

You don’t remark their smile, sometimes confident and playful, sometime laced with sadness, sometimes you can’t even label which kind of smile is this or that one.

And, oh for God’s sake you don’t even want to remember, that you don’t note their eyes. Because every, damn time you remember, you feel like you are drowning in chocolate ocean of their colour.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and you want to believe that, even though you don’t notice nor remember their eyes.

Because you do not want to admit that they took your interest, and if they do you will have to admit that they seem somewhat special, and that would be weird, since they are last of the people you take interest into.

And if you will see their… well uniqueness, you will question why, and you just can’t, because you will have to admit that you are watching, worse, want to watch, and admit that you, out of every single person on this goddamned planet, you have feelings for this particular freaking blond Goddess!

So you can’t, because you don’t want to know that, even though you know, and just won’t admit that you know.

And you go as often as possible to the library, hide away in your favourite spot at the corner that is so small and well hidden that almost nobody tries to sit here.

You love this place for one more reason, you can watch people from here. Usually you barely notice them, partly reading, partly observing.

But it changed one day when, when rather noisy group burst into library. Your Sacred Quiet Library! You scowl, and fight the urge to lecture the group, but then They appear, and you are feeling left speechless. They are gorgeous, aren’t they ?!

They half-teasingly caution crowd to be quiet, and the whole group immediately shut up. Aha, we’ve got the leader. You chuckle, not sure why. They fit the role.

At least the gang now seem making bearable measure of noise, and you want to go back to reading, but you find somebody’s eyes on you.

So you search and find chocolate eyes staring at you, and you fell like floating, it’s good you are sitting, if not you would be on the floor right now.

Your insides twist when second later they owner smiles at you, and without waiting for your response starts talking with their friends, but you found yourself left shivery.

After that you kept noticing them, more and more often, each time there was whole universe between you and them and their friends.

You were Neptune of The Scholar System, and between you and them were many other planets, you were so far the Sun almost never saw you, always looking at other planets.

So you told yourself that you do not look nor feel anything for them, to prevent your soul from hurt, and heart from sorrow. You were thinking that’s the best.

Until fate decided against your thoughts, and entwine yours and their fate, by red thread, and this time you will not be able to run away, because fate takes no excuses.

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