Amanogawa Ke No Yon Shimai Ch 40.5

DDLΒ [ this is part 2 of the previous chapter ]

Bato.toΒ I just realized you need to be signed in to read in batoto? I didn’t realized it till recently. :X

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You need to be a lv100 tradeskiller, do the epic 1, if not beastlord/channeler you also need epic repercussions for the cool spells, the city timeline, depending on the subclass various signature timelines and heritage quests

But I had to stop a bit and switch through my alts to get my ascension scrolls. It’s such a stupid thing I can’t even explain what that is. Just take it at face value that it’s annoying.

The other difference is in their defense. The shadowknight has 2 spell that decreases incoming damage by a few percent. It’s not a reliable defense. The other trick it’s has up it’s sleeve is self healing/lifetap. By damaging the enemy I suck it’s life away to myself. It’s awesome.

The guardian has stoneskins for defense. That means it absorbs ALL damage. It has it’s limitations too, because 1 spell only absorbs 4-5 attacks, but it has a lot of stoneskin spells, and has 2 other spells that blocks all damage for a short duration of time. It also has a selfheal, but I think only one. I’m not sure about that, because I didn’t optimize it to it’s fullest.

There are 2 stances for every tank, offensive and defensive. Each increases the stats in their own field, but decreases the other. So my SK got a new spell that removes the negative effects on my OFFENSIVE stance.

Which brings back 1 negative for the SK defense mechanic: if I get hit by more damage than my health, and that measly 2 damage mitigating spell is still on cooldown (because it’s a long cooldown) than I can’t heal myself, the healer can’t heal me either, I just die.

And there are zones I can survive with my shadowknight just fine, but the killing is taking so very long, I often leave zones before killing all bosses just because the fight is too easy, the bosses just have too much HP.

Beastlords are also pet classes, but the pet is just there to exploit the enemy’s weakness, which allows me to do more damage. The pet itself isn’t as high dps in dps as a mage pet or an SK pet.

There will be a game update, in the previous expansion that meant that every piece of gear in the game didn’t matter anymore, if you wanted the best gear you ran the new dungeons.

It was the default server, and since it didn’t offer to change region, and to the untrained eyes the setting for it is hidded I didn’t know about the Eu server’s existence for 1 year

Lols xD yeh. I started reading from your first post. Gosh, who would’ve thought a one man army almost dominated the whole 200 comments lel. Hang on there, gonna get them yuris out in a bit

They were saying her existence is heresy, and Chiya has the ability to see these gods. The gods must be divided over this matter too, and the ones who wanted to kill her are the vengeful ones, and the kitsune spirit is one of those who don’t mind. At least that’s my take on this.

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