Hi guys, I’ll be back on 27th March!!

To all manga/manhwa/manhua fans!

I have an important announcement for those of you who support the series that I’m translating.

I’ll be taking 2 weeks [to be precise 2 weeks and 5 days from today] away from scanlation.

tldr: I’m taking up an extra part time job just for 2 weeks to cover up my bills for the past few months. I’m sorry for all the delays.

Some are in the process of editing so expect some series to still go on~! ( editors need time to do their great stuff, ya? )



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enjoy your time…by the way…why dont you join triplesevenscans to release manga boku to kanojo??…i’m so looking forward the next hantsu x trash…Ganbatte…

Hmm? Boku to kanojo? mmm… that’s a first I’ve heard of such manga. If 777 is already working on it I don’t need to meddle in xD I’m doing Hantsu with 777’s raws though <3

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