Gyaru Yuri

Gyaru Yuri Ch 10

I shall be kind and bestow upon you the lovely chapter of Yurism!

Hibari, calling for Hibari! are you there?!

Ch 10

As for the keys… those who play

add me, my ign is Squiggles

You might not need to add me at all, just click on my icon when you search for me. the key should be on my profile.

I shall hand over to you the key!

p.s. at least you don’t have to torture yourself with more quest, ei? xD

alternately, those who can’t access the game. Just drop me a message on my facebook xD

Edit: Okay, I’ll make it much more easier for you guys or i’ll start to be hated. Or am probably hated by now. ;-; anyway. The key is in my FB post. Go getit!

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I’m only using it to comment on various websites because I’m too lazy to register…I’m using tumblr for social media and email for personal business. Twitter as a social media is crappy, I’m only following a few people but they are updating so much I can never bother to read all that crap.

Owhh… in the end, there are too many ways of communications. There was a time when i wanted to register on twitter but because of some errors I just couldn’t care about it any more lol.

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