Ouji-sama nante iranai

[Quest Completed] Ouji-sama Nante Iranai Ch 30 + Bonus + Side quest activated

You guys poi too much xD Pretty sure you know where the word Poi came from… right? xD

anyway, here’s Ch 30

and to add in a bonus, a new series of Yuri ( You have been warned, it’s pretty DARK )


I might continue this ^ but… we’ll see. I have my hands full, stuffed, packed, jammed pack, bloated. Geez. That being said, a side quest has been unlocked.

[Side Quest]

  1. I know you’re all tired from questing, right? ( more like tired of waiting xD )
  2. For this sidequest, it’s real simple: all you have to do is make a comment on this POST with the theme of “Yuri” in it. ( Now don’t come trolling me with Yuri on Ice series, ‘kay xD )
  3. However long the comment is up to you
  4. Yeah, even hate comments at me too, lol. ( can’t stop them xD )
  5. 90 comments on this post is required to Complete the quest
  6. What’s the reward? Gyaru Yuri Ch 9
  7. Gyaru Yuri Ch 10 will go up as well if we reach 100 comments here <3
  8. Quest will Expire on February 12th 2017

Edit: Damn, you guys are awesome, I never would’ve thought you would recommend Yuri mangas to me. Thank you very much =3 I shall google them when I have time to read xD! If you want the bonus, CLICK on it. It’ll link  you to the DDL titled “Ch 1”

Edit 2: How did you guys enjoy the “Bonus” ? xD

Edit 3: Dayum, the Yuri power this time is really weak xD

Edit 4: Here’s the link to Ch 9 If you guys aren’t motivated for the quest  with this,  I don’t know what will.


Key:  !GmGNsIw5YEWYMTPgRzQQ1mvWe5c72l4Q1SZv0OnPk_Y

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What Does the Fox say, Pulse, and Lily Love are some good ones (if you want a little more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), pooiii

poi is point of interest from mmos, but I might be old and it means something else now?
Mild yuri:
School Police by Morinaga Milk
Manga no Tsukurikata by Hirao Auri
Rakka Ryuusui by Sanada Ikki

They are abandoned or haven’t been updated in a while, but they are cute so I’m kind of hoping you get an ineterest in them as well 😀

The Secret Recipe by Morinaga Milk is awesome too!

17 chapters

genre: schooLife, comedy, Aaaaaangst, Yuri

ps: ” it has pretty intense Yuri scenes’ read with your own risk.

Yuriverse. It is said that the yuriverse is still expanding and creates new timelines as we speak, therefore, it is expected that there will be more yuri anime/mangas/manhwa to come through the translation of squiggles-sama.
P.S I have an exam tomorrow and what am I doing with my life.

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