To Nickmilky and Someone

Oh you guys can still read it for free? Latest Ch of Ouji-sama is Ch 29 which came out this Tuesday.

Hmmm… do you know how to extract them?

I had Bryan made a guide but it seems they somehow changed their systems or something and he said it’s no longer useable ( guide that is )

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i don’t know how to extract but i can find i way to send you! Every monday i can access the raw by the comico app in my cellphone. if i can’t extrat , rints are avaliable for you?

I’m not sure how rints work… xD but if you tell me I can get it with a click of a download button then I can do that. ( I’m very dumb when it comes to tech stuffs )

Well , i save the imagens derect from the comico app ( with their tool) , so this come with that stamp. I ‘ll read the tutorial and try to find a way to get it better. ( sorry for my english , i’m good reading but speaking ‘i’m horrible!)

i make some tests but the better way was with this water mark from comico, is that a big problem? the gyaru 10 and ouji 30 are out aready. i can send to the mediafire folder!

Hmm… it kinda is… especially when the pages are joint together in a single strip online reader it is ya know. Hmm, could you use the guide to get to the “Download” part and download them? After that transfer it to the pc from your phone? sorry for asking so much but maybe using the “Download” option will not have the watermark? hmm…

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