Gyaru Yuri Ouji-sama nante iranai

Gyaru Yuri Ch 5, Ouji 27-28

Here are the DDL links

CH 5

Ch 27

Ch 28


25 replies on “Gyaru Yuri Ch 5, Ouji 27-28”

SquigglesJP! Thank you so much for all of the translations you do! Ouji-sama Nante Iranai is one of my favorites! I am looking forward to all of the future chapters, and once again, thanks a bunch for all you do!
(The hug from behind made me doki)

The translations are good imo, but it really needs an editor and a proofreader. I understand that that it’s difficult to translate from language to another, so don’t ask for help.

Are you uploading Ouji-sama anytime soon?
I really love this manga and thankful towards you for translating:)
You’re awesome and I hope you know you have other supporters right behind you:)

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