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10/10 Finally! We’ve reach the last… oku-sama ga…

Ch 42 of Oku-sama Ga Seitokaichou

Is this the last for today?

Or is it…?


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Umm… I heard news from the editor that the original group/man/solo which is “3829” is working on Ch 40 and he/she/they might pick it up again. But I’ve not confirm if the news is true or not or if it’s really happening but I will drop it if it is true ( unless I have too much free time on my hands to work on it ;-; )

Hi! Thanks for the translation! I noticed, that chapter 42 was made from a lower quality scan as chapter 41. Is there any specific reason for that?

the raw for this manga is piling up and no one is still translating it. Its been 3 months already T.T It’s a very good manga for it to be left dead. T.T

I heard the previous group is back to life again? that’s what I heard. If not I’ll continue it. Can someone confirm it? this group:

I heard it from someone who read it from a reddit post… so… well… if you guys know if they’re picking or not picking it back up again. Please. please let me know?

They came back to life and then returned dead after a couple of weeks. Their last update was January 18, so I’m pretty sure they are inactive.

It’s november now and i don’t see “ch 40” from them. Everything stays as you left. I like this manga and if you wanna do, i can help you with cleaning etc (i’m not a pro tbh).

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