Next Release Schedule!

Hmm… I’m planning for a New Year’s release @ GMT+9 00:00 Saturday Midnight ( December 31st 2016 )

Here is what I plan to release:

  1. Gyaru Yuri
  2. Mida Love
  3. No ouji this week ( Ch 27 will be out next week )
  4. Okusan
  5. JC No Life!
  6. Itoshii Sakura-san
  7. Kanojo No Kagi Wo Akeru Houhou
  8. Oku-sama Ga Seitokaichou
  9. Hime No Dameshi
  10. And a new series… err… I may or may not ( Too ambitious will kill me xD. Actually, it already has kinda kill me. Can’t even handle the stuffs I have right now and still picking up new stuffs? I must be mad )

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