Ouji-sama Nante Iranai Ch 25


So! I’m sure you’ve read the chapter by now. I hoped you read my notes at the start!

If I reach a 100 comments, Ch 26 will be out~!

Oh and by the way, Mari Kurisumasu~!!

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100? Since I’ve seen 99 but not 100 yet. Thanks for all the hard work and Merry Christmas!! Your notes are quite funny

But up to ch. 125 is already a fine Christmas present, it’s cool. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Thanks so much for the great Christmas present! Chapter 26 or not it was a wonderful surprise.

Also, the game looked like Ragnarok, but a little different. What was it?

I am hither to giveth thee mine gratitude and to wish thee merry christmas, tis not like I wanteth more yuri or something.

Wow your good at translating good job I enjoy reading your translated works!!!! Even though your just working by yourself you translated them at such speed very nice!!! 頑張ってくださいそして✌(‘ω’)

Your very welcome I’ll look forward on your next work although, don’t push yourself ^^ Hahaha even you had so many criticism used them as a strenght to continue and do better ^_^ Squiggles San fighto!!!! As a half Japanese person I quite admire you since, your more good on me in Japanese so, yeah continue your works!!! 頑張ってくださいい!Squigglesセンパイ^^

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