Hi readers of Amanogawa Ke and Ouji-sama, I have grave news for you guys

If you’ve not already read this, you should

Basically, they said most of the stuffs that’s happened.

Comico is going Pay2Read started December 1st 2016. And… well, the problem is… all latest chapters have went APP mode, meaning you need to download and install the app to read it. You can check the app out at Android or Apple i store . Unfortunately I try to download the app ( on android I don’t have iphone ), and… I can’t even download it since it’s region lock/not available in my country.

I couldn’t get my emulators working ( probably my pc has too low spec and old ) so it was no go… :< Sadly, this week will be the last week of Amanogawa Ke and Ouji-sama series, till… if we find any solutions. There’s a Chinese version of comico, who has yet to go Pay2Read. But I can’t do chinese so… This really breaks my heart. In the taiwan version of comico, Ouji has only reach Ch 9, so it’s kinda way behind the original JP version ^ click if you’re interested in confirming. I just send a message to Hunter of Whiteoutscans , asking how Xyros manage to get the JP app working. Xyros might be from Japan, who knows. I hope to get a reply from them >.<

I couldn’t find Amanogawa Ke on the Taiwan comico though.

So… well… I’d really like to ask of your help if you know or know someone who can help by getting through the app, then maybe I could DL, Buy and then screenshot it to edit

Thank you for reading up till now!

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and I hope in the future, maybe, just maybe, if we get it to work, hopefully I’ll be able to continue reading it. But for now, thank you and see you in my other manga works!

Gawd, good thing I’m not on camera… my tears are pouring out…

Oh yeah, so if you’re reading Kakao 79%, Koi Inu, Bocchan to Maid, Momo Kuri, Otome teki Syndrome, thanks for reading them!

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Hello again (I’m the one from ane naru mono 3 thread…)

I’m actually not into this story, but I can understand the feeling. Too tired to even curse them…

Have you heard about “VPN”? As far as I could find, I’d suggest reading about this:
I found this seemingly also helpful:
This last one talks about a specific app from specific region, but has possible additional troubleshooting tips (see gmail account part at beginning and “Any problems?” section at the end).
Additional measure could be “clear cache for the Play Store in Settings > Apps > Google Play Store”.

Hope this can serve of anything.

Hi again! xD I’ll try them out and see what I can do with it! thanks so much Sacarias! Maybe my VPN app wasn’t working properly or not that good xD I’ll try out the above

Hi, thanks for your effort.
You can download “Super VPN-free,fast,unlimited” or “hola free vpn” to change region and download comico.
I have comico and the raw of ouji-sama until the chapter 21 (I do not have money to buy the new chapters).
If you want, I can send them to you.

Are you able to download and install the app? xD I have raws till ch 22 before the renewal their site. But I won’t be able to get next week’s chapter so yeah. If you could download the app, let me know xD

@bryan zamora: if you have the app installed on an android phone, you’d install also Es File Explorer and backup the app in an offline installable apk…and send it to squigglesjpt…

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