Ouji-sama Nante Iranai Ch 15


Ch 15

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Ch 15

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Many thanks for this new chapter! By the way, do you know where it’s possible to find the raws for this manga (especially after the chapter 10)? Since today morning Comico seems to have change its policy and now they’re blocking the access of the raw chapters (after the chapter 10). And I was using the raw chapters and the translated chapters by you as reference to practice my Japanese. If I knew they would have change like that, I would have saved all the raws of Ouji-sama Nante Iranai on Comico. I’m still unsure how to use Comico Japan website since this morning.

Very strange. Because now Comico is asking me to use their app on Google play whereas I was already logged into an account I’ve especially created today on their website.
The weirdest part was yesterday I could read all the raws on Comico (just by lurking, without any logging, apps or things like that) but now I can’t.

Sadly it still doesn’t work. (I don’t get why now I can’t read the latest chapters on my laptop.) I’ll send an email to you about the raws.

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