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Ch 5

Ch 5


Ch 5

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I noticed there’s a lot of complain in a certain forum about the pages getting cut weirdly, maybe you should contact their staff to put in the story’s description that the images already cut like that from the raw? Fortunately the cut is clean so I can stich it by myself easily using irvanview since I can’t use photoshop. It’s unfortunate that people dismissed this cute series because of the raw fault.

Ohh, which forums? It’s real unfortunate when they dismiss this cute series ( i love it too xD ). If they’re reading at other manga sites, I don’t upload there. Whenever I try to contact them ( if they have contacts I can reach ), I’ll got ignored. I can’t do anything if you’re reading there. I upload them onto If you read it from kissmanga, they have it in one strip, which is also good. I do apologize, but that’s how the rare comes out.

Dynasty scans forum, they don’t have option to show the images in a single page hence the result is bunch of images that cut-off in a lot of weird places. I don’t know if you the one that uploading the chapter there or not, they usually ask permission from original scanlator if they uploading a series in their reader. You don’t need to apologize, it’s just a little inconvenience. I knew the raw already cut-off like that since I found the same case in another series that I read (Hide in the flowers, a manhwa, different reader/site). When I save the image, I got the image cut-off into a few images (in weird places) not in a single image like shown in the reader.
Maybe asking too much, but can you stich the images into a single image? If it too difficult to do it with photoshop maybe you can try Irvanview program (disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Irvanview). If the images cut-off cleanly the result is pretty good (not as good as photoshop obviously), but if the cut-off is in bad places the result is horrible. It’s pretty easy to do too, just click Image->Create Panorama image->Vertical->Add images->Create image. Make sure the page start with zero (i.e 01 or 001), else the program will messed the order (i.e 1,11,12…2,21,etc.).

Ah, yeah I did give them permission to post on their site, but I think they can’t be bothered since it’s all brroken up that badly. I apologize, but I won’t be patching each page up, I have lots to work on >.< I'm really sorry for being a selfish bitch with shitty releases. And thank you for reading!

Nah, it’s okay if you don’t want stich the images. As I said it’s just a bit of inconvenience. The reason I wish you to stich the images is so the people that read at site that can’t show multiple images in single page ( like dynasty) not complaining, worse if they thought you the translator the one that split the images in weird place while the raw is already like that, and dismissed this cute series. To put simply, I just want more people enjoy this cute series & not deterred just because of some site technical problem. Also can’t you put the direct link back? I like downloading it & reading it offline, saving the images one by one is a bit troublesome. Once time I manually saving the images of some doujin one by one, I missed some pages & other time my page order is wrong since the images shown in horizontal & vertical order at the same time and worse the file name is not the page number just some gibberish letter. Good thing you put the page number in the file name & shown the images vertically, it help a lot.

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