No f-f

I am. Still. Alive! Lol

There was a lot of feeling boiled inside, so I just let it out. There’s good stuffs and bad stuffs lol.

I’m happy that you guys are reading, even though most of them doesn’t drop by here. but still I’m sure there’re thousands out there reading, flaming, cussing, LOL.

Anyway, I have completed translating ch 144 of pastel, going into the editing department to get all nice and pretty.

Oh yeah there’s a huge update on Boku Girl, if you like whacky, funny(?), ecchi, gender bender manga, that’s for you. Of course with a little spice of romance too xD


3 replies on “No f-f”

Some of us do drop by 😉
…And we appreciate your work and efforts immensely !

Good luck with everything 🙂

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