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Black Joke Ch 48

I know it’s been awhile. No, it’s been a very long time. Some of you might’ve read this series, some, forgotten where it left off. I’m feeling kinda melancholic right now, so I would like to express myself a little.

Scanlating isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to do it. You’d get mentally stressed out most of the time. To be frank, there’re many times I thought of giving up. It’s much easier reading and be done with it. I don’t have to translated, edit, find editors, lose editors, then finding again. With real life bashing me down, finding means of living is harsh and hard here ( I barely even earn $500 a month. But it’s enough to pay for my meals and utility bills ). Especially when you don’t have any social standings ( not sure what the correct word is, but I’ve only completed high school, never went on to college or university ), getting a job that pays decently is quite rough, even still, people who have decent jobs, are still striving to go up the ladder in their company.

I’d like to thank everyone whom I’ve met who’ve helped me and still are and those who’ve stopped scanlating but still read mangas,

Thank you so much for all your support and kindness up till now, and I hope you guys will still continue doing what you love!

Ch 48



Patti ( from misty rain scans ), thanks to you, you’re the first person whom I came to when I thought of doing a series. I’m still doing it right now, [Bocchan To Maid]. For referring me to EGscans,


Thanks Fathom for picking up the series for me [Bocchan To Maid]

Then Mikaiah, hope you’re doing well!

Thanks Ell for your kindness xD

alexfilia with all those TS-ing!




To all my Patreons…

After that I met mike, who was looking for someone to translated kano kagi. I was ecstatic lol, he’s so fun to converse with then besiege join the team and now Terran’s working on it too! Hope you’re doing well Mike

and Kiddo, still enjoying Amano? xD I sure do!

How can I forget Abedeus! ze awesome zoom zoom reader auto corrector lolol. Glad you enjoy ze mangos~!

and aaseschweitz for editing advice

no one can forget BDSM queen Rumia from Kireicake, she goes by other names too xD

pytxy, thanks for all those Hatoko’s Cafe editing!


MrReyZero, we worked on hantsu for a while, but I had fun. I hope your family member is recovering

cedr777 for those raws, editing and just being yourself

ICLW, all I can say is, Papa! lol

Alexx and XVKid’s whacky conversation LOL.


Colour ( yes I purposely spell it wrongly, suppose to be Color ) for editing pastel and my terrible amanogawa ke touch-ups >.<!

Sam-mich ( sandiwch, get it? XD )

James Bon- I mean James and Rurururui for editing Uchi No Musume

the list goes on…

I’m a bit tired, so I’ll end here.

Pretty sure you guys are Effed at this long winded post from me xD

Well then, have a nice day and thank you for reading!



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Thank you so much for all you do, Miss Squiggles! And we love long-winded posts! XD

It’s always good to hear that there’s a real person with a real life and real problems and real happiness on the other side of the computer screen! Take care of yourself!


Is this a goodbye post?! i hope not.
you are one of my favorite translators, you are translating Idol na kanojo after all XD!.

good luck and i hope your life will be better from now on.

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