Hantsu X Trash Ch 99-100

Nyoron, this arch will finish in ch 104. You can either read it now or wait till it’s finished scanlating so BLAME ME IF YOU FALL OFF THE CLIFF HANGER! <- sounded a bit wrong, I think that English is wrong. Correct me, guys! no, please correct my wrong English!

Download Rinku ( I hope this mega helps? let me know in ze commentos below )

Ch 99

Ch 100


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Ch 99

Ch 100

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Thanks for the new chapters!

Also, thanks for switching over to MEGA, although you should probably still think about just zipping the file yourself so that the reader doesn’t have to remember to click on the “download as zip” button in the corner. That will not only allow you to keep a consistent naming scheme for the chapters, but sometimes using the “download as zip” button in MEGA can be a little slow (assuming it’s because MEGA has to go through the trouble of zipping the file up for you?).

Either way, thanks for taking the reader suggestions into account! 🙂

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