Kanojo No Kagi wo Akeru Houhou

Kanojo No Kagi O Akeru houhou Ch 22

Another one I’m planning for tomorrow. Hopefully I’m wrong but I might be coming down with fever…  Saturday Sorry for the delay to everyone who’s been waiting for it >.<!


Ch 22

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Ch 22

Ch 22


Oh and if you enjoy reading from this author, you might want to check out Moujuusei Shounen Shoujo by Nakata Yumi too. I’ve not read it so I can’t comment whether tis gonna be good or bad xD

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Thanks for the link to Nakata’s new series. I’ll read that while I’m waiting.

By the way, I said this before, but can you PLEASE upload your chapters as zip files. It would make downloading so much easier…

Thanks for the new chapter!

And yeah, I agree with the download request. Using Google Drive is such a pain that I’ve just been downloading them from other sources since it’s just much easier to deal with. MEGA seems to be a popular choice, so maybe try going that route (and yes, zipping the files would be ideal). 🙂

Hi, thanks for new chapter. Any chances for more Kanojo no Kagi chapters? Series finished at chapter 70 and we are still @22 ;

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