Tom Li if you’re still here visiting my wordpress…

Give me a sign saying you’re still alive!

Sorry I’m late but yeah,

I’m working on the requested tsunade doujin if you still recall?

please look forward to it!

2 replies on “Tom Li if you’re still here visiting my wordpress…”

Weell I’m delightod to state that I’m one of the peeps who regularly (daily) goes by your thrifty mango garden! xD
well truth be told, the amount of work and diligence exerted in here is quite astounding, considering you’re all alone on this (except for the slight collaboration with the other scanlations groups)
Thats why, #RESPECT! lol honestly I’m really impressed in your commitment, and puting the tankoubons work aside, I genuinely wishes you the best for your career on the real life square ! 😉
ps: btw, I guess we’re already friends on Batoto, I forgot exactly when but I added you at some point anyway, if you ask why, well. I just felt like doing so! maybe to know you more or talk about whatever, since I’m a fan! xD, the usernamfais the same as the one on this comment.
well then.. CHAO! and stay well! \^_^/

Hi Zel xD thanks for reading the mangas xD! I hope I don’t get more work ( irl ). I prefer less work so I can work on giving you guys more manga to read ( of course not all the series I do might be to your liking ) but hopefully one day I have enough time to give out a chapter daily! ( too ambitious XD )

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