I’m back guys!

Though I said I’m back, I sneak away without anyone noticing xD

I went on a trip to watch a movie, yes I’m not lying.

Those of you who haven’t watch FF 15 Kingsglaive yet should do it ( when it comes out at your region / if you can access the cinema / got time / etc / whatever ) I was fortunate enough that they’re playing it a couple hundred kilometers away from where I’m living.

So yeah, I went to pamper myself for once. Anddddddddddddd

It was really well made. The graphics, the tiny little details are so so , ya know. I recon you guys to watch it. Sadly, I don’t own a ps4 so I won’t be playing the game when it’s out. Hopefully in the coming years it’ll come to the PC. Or when I can afford a ps4 then I’ll play it. xD

Been a fan of the final fantasy franchise since I started FF7. I play most rpgs because of the story xD and also yeah because it’s fun! I manage to play till FF10, then 12, I skipped X-2 and there was one more from the X-series? due to my ps2 got wrecked. Lol. It was old, served me well indeed xD

Then not long ago Ishiden gifted me with a FF13 on steam. It was… an awesome feeling. I never thought i’d play it since I don’t own a ps3 either.( a big thanks to Tounen for teh Project Leona skins! )

Nevertheless, it was really really fun, though the gameplay was very linear at the start. But moi like the story and graphics xD

Soh, well. I hope you guys will forgive me for pampering myself a little xD ( the bus journey was really tiring. I’m really tired right now but first I gotto sort some scanlation stuffs first )

If you noticed, I didn’t provide any links for Haru-nee. It was partly my fault.

One more rant, if you don’t mind. I hope cedr777 will forgive me for spilling this. We’ve completed Vol 1 Translation of Idol na kanojo. I still love that series, and will wait for vol 2 ( hopefully soon )

I’ve read lots of dislike comments and stuff, I’ll admit, it still bothers me. But I’ll continue translation it when Vol 2 comes out.

While waiting, we’ll be bringing you another new series(?), stay tune!

Will get the links up for Haru-nee.

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Good to hear that you enjoyed the FFXV movie! To be honest I didn’t even know there was a new FF movie coming out 😛

If you enjoy translating a series (like Idol na Kanojo), you should continue doing it. People with negative opinions tend to speak out more, but I’m sure there are also a lot of people who do like the series and your translations.

xD ahaha, yeh. Well if you like something you’d go for it right? Of course I can’t afford to travel thousands of miles to Japan’s Comiket T_T I would though, lol!. Ok, maybe that was too grand a scale. Let me rephrase it. I’d travel to Akihabara if I can afford it xD

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