Haru-nee ga Boku ni XX Suru Riyuu

Haru-nee ga Boku ni XX Suru Riyuu Ch 8-11 END

SquigglesJP: Yup. I’ve finally… compl…eted… it…

Abedeus: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Squigs!

cedr777: Kyahahahahaha!

SquigglesJP: Y-You must… carry on… my legacy…

Abedeus: B-But I’m not worthy of–

SquigglesJP: My son, you are… more…

cedr777: Finally, evil has perish and a darker evil shall rule the world!


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Online Reading
Ch10 ( End )
Ch11 ( Extra )

Download links
Ch10 ( End )

Ch 11 ( Extra )

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R.I.P. Squiggles-neesan (T_T)

Your translation efforts will be remembered… or you can come back as zombie Squiggles 🙂

Btw, google drive doesn’t let us download all of them at the same time from the folder. You gotta download one by one. It’s not different from reading online, so i’m gonna read online i guess. Thanks for those too.

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