You guys played this when you were young? or still do.

Maybe your kids are ( if you have kids ! )

Ah, it looks so fun building lego xD

Currently working on Ouji-sama and Amanogawa Ke!

4 replies on “You guys played this when you were young? or still do.”

Many, many years ago I loved Lego, played the PC game and with the physical bricks all the time…good times.

Building with Lego is very relaxing and enjoyable. If you like Lego, you might also like the game Minecraft, since you can build almost anything.

Ahh, yeah, I heard of minecraft xD it seems fun, I’ve seen people build like, magnificent stuffs xD If I were to choose either Lego or Minecraft, I’d say Lego! the physical feeling you have on your hands xD

But of course, if it’s on the computer, i’d say minecraft ( it is for the pc right? )

Both are fun ( I think )! Not tried it xD

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